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Apart from helping protect a product and facilitate the use of it, an eye-catching packaging design is one of the most essential factors to sell products. Because most people often judge a product by its packaging, the packaging can cost even more than the product itself.

There are hundreds of notable examples of extraordinary package designs and here are 10 of our favourites that we want to show you.

1. Afro Man


Japan always has really clever marketing and this black melon bread is one typical example. This pastry, which is very popular in Taiwan, China and Latin America, parodies a black man’s afro on the package. It also has a very thin layer of cookie dough on top of it with an ooey, gooey custard-like center. However, while some people think this packaging design is just a fun koe, others think it is racist.

2. Fisherman rubber boots


The package itself is designed as a mini-stand and works as an eye catcher. This package design not only distinguishes the brand on the shelf among competitors in the specialized stores but also attracts the consumers’ attention.

3. Coke


This plastic glass is part of a Coca-Cola visual identity system. It was designed by London- and San Francisco-based packaging design firm Turner Duckworth for the Coca-Cola Summer 2009 campaign.

4. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags


Designers at “the.” create Anti-Theft Lunch Bags, which are zipper bags with green splotches printed on both sides. These sandwich bags make your freshly prepared lunch look more like a molded, inedible piece of food headed for the garbage bin.

5. Kleenex


Kleenex, the 86-year old brand whose brand name is synonymous with "tissues," produces tissue boxes that look like fruit associated with summer. The innovative "A-frame" design creates what appears to be a wedge of fruits like watermelon, orange and lime. These packages are so different that they have already won a number of design awards, including the best in show award at an international package design competition, Pentawards.

6. Thelma’s Treats


Thelma’s Treats is a cookie delivery business that was named after the owner’s Great-Grandma. Its box is designed to look like an old-fashioned stove and the cookies come out of the box as if they were being removed from an oven. Meanwhile, a few words of wisdom from Thelma are also printed on the back of the box, which can keep the cookies warm.

7. Hanger Tea


This design looks completely cute and I think no other tea packaging can be more charming than this. Created by designer Soon Mo Kang, these tea bags are shaped like T-shirts with a hanger that hangs on the tea cup. Each tea type is highlighted in a different color for ease of tracking.

8. Brushman shaving brushes


The Brushman shaving brushes are created by designer Khudayar Aghayarov at Tabasko Branding Bereau, Baku, Azerbaijana. This unique design will make your shaving experience more fun and less boring.

9. Milk


Created by design agency Visual Advice, this packaging represents the content of the product in the simplest way, both through word and image. It is the same dimension as a normal two-litre carton.

10. Festina Watches


The Festina Profundo watch is waterproof and to demonstrate this advantage of the product, the company has a striking and convincing packaging solution: the watch comes in a transparent bag filled with distilled water. “By being subjected to this visible test of endurance, the watch is able to immediately convince the customers of its particularly high quality," says Ralf Schroder, who handled this model’s packaging design and art direction.

11. Smirnoff Caipiroska peelable bottle


Smirnoff Caipiroska is the Brazilian drink that is popular worldwide. It is infused with three fruit flavors of lemon, passion fruit and berries with corresponding wrappers for each. Designed by JWT Brazil, the packaging not only tells consumers exactly what flavour it is but also imparts the idea that the packaging was made with natural materials rather than being mass produced.

12. Samurai Vodka


This is an amazing package design concept from Russian designer Arthur Schreiber. Its austere outline and the silhouette as if split by a stroke of a samurai sword spectacularly transmit the idea and the ethnic background of the product.

13. Spark laundry detergent box


This box is designed by Korean Aekyung in the shape of a washing machine. Through the door of this container, you can see how much product is left in the box, making re-purchase easier.

14. Panasonic Note earbuds


This design won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2010. Simply taking the form of a musical note, the Panasonic Earphones Note is not only a clever concept, but also denotes the quality behind the product.

15. Novelty matches promoting Ford trucks


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15 Of The Best Package Designs

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