62-year-old Model Cindy Joseph’s Nivea Ad Banned For Misleading Consumers

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Model Cindy Joseph’s advertisement for Nivea Vital moisturizing cream was banned for exaggerating effects of the product on Tuesday (August 27, 2013). The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK told the brand’s owner Beiersdorf to stop using the advert, whose anti-aging claims was considered misleading.

The magazine ad featured an image of the 62-year-old model and the copy reads, "Vital anti-age cream. Visibly reduces wrinkles, improves firmness, and helps prevent age spots." Meanwhile, the pack of the product also stated: “Reduces all major signs of mature skin ageing” and “Gives mature skin the extra care it deserves.”

However, according to the ASA, Beiersdorf had used an excessive amount of airbrushing to make Ms. Joseph look younger. The watchdogs determined that the company had too heavy of a hand in retouching of lines and wrinkles on her face, particularly around the eye and mouth area.

Cindy Joseph is one of few models who have spoken out against anti-aging products, Botox and plastic surgery. She only started modeling at age 49 for a new Dolce and Gabbana ad. The silver-haired woman then found fame as an Eileen Ford model. Besides, Ms. Joseph has been covergirl for a number of magazine such as Glamor and Mademoiselle, to name a few.


Cindy Joseph, who is now 62 years old, was the model for lucrative print and TV ads for many companies like Verizon wireless, DKNY, Nordstrom, Banana Republic and more.


Cindy Joseph was one of the most sought after mature-age models because of her long silver, undyed hair, her healthy weight of between 125-130 lbs and her 5’7” height.


The model called herself "pro-age."


Ms. Joseph, a champion of ageing gracefully, took part in a "mini demonstration" in New York's Times Square to promote a more expansive notion of beauty last fall.


Cindy Joseph was featured in an advertisement for Nivea Vital moisturizing cream, which was banned in the UK by the ASA on Tuesday (August 27, 2013).

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62-year-old Model Cindy Joseph’s Nivea Ad Banned For Misleading Consumers

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62-year-old Model Cindy Joseph’s Nivea Ad Banned For Misleading Consumers

This article was published on 2013/09/04
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