The Neolithic Revolution Tools: Mano, Metate, and Axe

By: William Shira | Nov 10, 2012 Understanding the way Neolithic Axes, Manos, and Metates were formed can help us as we unravel the Neolithic Revolution here in North America. The pecking and grinding marks are a sure way that you can tell whether it's a tool from the Agriculture Revolution.

Theorized Archeologists Struck in Awe with Neolithic Revolution Discoveries in America

By: William Shira | Oct 25, 2012 While theorists speculate that the Neolithic Revolution all began by evolution in Africa, it is being greatly disputed with many evidences being found within the United States. Simply showing the proof will help us better identify the truth behind the Neolithic age and where they existed.

The Neolithic Age and Maya Civilization History

By: William Shira | Oct 4, 2012 Mayan Civilization had a certain way of doing things that is far more advanced than we realize. They were civilizations that were the offspring of the Neolithic Age (also known as the Neolithic Revolution) where they did a lot of their designs in stone work and refined tools. The U.S. history is known for neolithic history not in existent as much as they are being found in right now.

Personal Psychic Readings

By: netsocial | May 14, 2011 Everyone wonders what the future holds for them, and many people are fascinated with the occult.  For those who wonder where these beliefs come from, here is a brief background to one of the most popular psychic beliefs that are currently held:  Tarot readings.

Expensive Jewelery Collection of Wallis Simpson

By: Mary Rose | Oct 2, 2010 The expensive jewelery collection of Wallis Simpson has been scheduled to be displayed at Sotheby's auction in November 2010. The luxurious jewelery collection costs £3 million being shown off at Sotheby's London auction house for couples of days. Duchess of Windsor's invaluable jewelery collection tells the story of among the 20th century's most sensational loves. The sale with twenty pieces of jewelery and ephemera will mark a record-breaking auction in history of the Duchess's possessions in Geneva. Let's have a look at the most stunning images of the expensive jewelery collection of Wallis Simpson as follows.

How Not To Buy A Lemon

By: Barry Edzant | Oct 3, 2007 A lemon law attorney’s office receives many calls each week from buyers of costly used cars who have discovered that their cars are less reliable or less valuable than they expected.
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