Jenna Ushkowitz’s Boyfriend 2014: “Glee” Star Splits From Michael Trevino After Dating for Three Years

By: Neil Karen | May 31, 2014 Jenna Ushkowitz and her boyfriend Michael Trevino officially split after three years of dating. The breakup was announced when the 28-year-old “Glee” actress attended the “Normal Heart” premiere in Beverly Hills on May 19, 2014.

Liam Payne Devastated After Splitting From His Girlfriend of Eight Months Sophia Smith

By: Taylor Meyer | May 5, 2014 One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne split from his girlfriend Sophia Smith after eight months of dating. The “Best Song Ever” hitmaker and the brunette student called it quits reportedly due to the pressures of life on the road.

Brandy Norwood and Her Boyfriend Ryan Press Mutually Agree to Split After a 16-month Engagement

By: Zidane Randall | Apr 16, 2014 Brandy Norwood and her fiance Ryan Press officially called off their engagement on Tuesday (April 15, 2014). The 35-year-old singer and the music executive decided to put the whole marriage thing on hold after moving in together.

Naya Rivera and Her Boyfriend Big Sean Officially Call Off Their Engagement After Cheating Rumours

By: Zidane Randall | Apr 10, 2014 Naya Rivera and her boyfriend Big Sean officially called off their engagement and wedding after dating for only six months. The couple split following recent rumours that the 26-year-old rapper cheated on the “Glee” actress. In addition to cheating rumours, Big Sean was accused of stealing from his ex-fiancee Naya Rivera.

Ricky Martin and His Boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella Split After Three Years of Serious Dating

By: Vanessa Ford | Jan 7, 2014 Latin singer Ricky Martin officially split from his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella after three years of serious dating. The news was announced by the "Livin La Vida Loca" hitmaker’s representative on Thursday (January 2, 2014).

Learning To Get Back With An Ex Patiently

By: David Britto | Oct 9, 2013 The key's to accepting that when you truly love somebody patience is born. Love has significance. The problem of the truth is, are you ready to stand by the actual meaning of love and winning back your ex? Love is a strong motivator way beyond people actually realize. It allows us to stand up to the test and overcome any obstacle.

Secret Methods To Get Back With An Ex

By: David Britto | Oct 8, 2013 Are you going through a difficult break-up and wondering how you are going to get your ex back? Well you definitely need to begin with a game plan and really think before you act. We tend to get wrapped up on our emotions and making unwise choices based totally on how we currently feel and that is just the wrong way to start. I have put together several steps to help you get your ex back imme

To Win A Girl Back By Sincerity And Passion

By: David Britto | Oct 7, 2013 Sometimes in life, we make decisions that we later regret. The remorseful present becomes nothing but only a need to turn back time. There are many things that couldn't be turned around or undone, but alongside there are also a number of actions that may be undone - and this is the reason why the old adage runs 'it's never too late'.

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Pushing Him Away

By: David Britto | Oct 7, 2013 Each relationship has it swings and roundabouts. Of course, you want make sure you have more ups than downs. Each problem has a solution , it's a matter of selecting how hard you're going to work at it. Giving up is always the easiest way out. When you truly love somebody, you try your best to work at your best and make it happen for its best.

Have You Contemplated Winning An Ex Back?

By: David Britto | Oct 7, 2013 When you're concentrated on winning an ex back, there are a couple of things you're going to want to do first. The most vital thing is that you have got to be sure that you truly want them back in your life. The 2 of you split up as there was a problem with your relationship, and getting back together would possibly not be the nicest thing for the 2 of you. The next is to figure out if they d
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