Rupert Sanders takes his kids out for back-to-school shopping (Pictures)

By: John Stevens | Aug 28, 2012 Rupert Sanders was spotted playing the doting dad when he took his daughter Skyla and son Tennyson to do back-to-school shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 26, 2012).

Rupert Sanders begs his wife to take him back after his cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart

By: John Stevens | Aug 24, 2012 Rupert Sanders appeared with all smiles outside of his home on Thursday (August 23, 2012). It might be Rupe’s first smile since news of his cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart broke last month.

Rupert Sanders’ wife: Liberty Ross furious over husband’s affair with Kristen Stewart

By: John Stevens | Jul 27, 2012 Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross was apparently furious over Kristen Stewart’s antics. She posted a photo to her Instagram page showing a crying “Snow White” guzzling beer with the caption: ““Not so pretty or so pure after all.”

Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Affair: More intimate pictures of the couple revealed

By: John Stevens | Jul 27, 2012 The “Snow White And The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders has issued a public apology over his alleged Kristen Stewart affair after the “Twilight” actress released a statement just moments before.

Application of silicone oil in the textile dyeing and finishing production

By: laozhu | May 25, 2012 Silicone oil is usually kept in liquid state at room temperature linear polysiloxane products, generally they are colorless (yellow), tasteless, nontoxic, non volatile liquid. Their molecular weight is not high, at room temperature as a flow state, so it is usually called silicone oil. Generally it is not only, but through a special formula made, often used as auxiliary material to produce certai

After Infidelity - Is Your Spouse Seriously Interested In Repairing The The Marital Relationship

By: Daryl Campbell | Apr 23, 2012 The issue is how committed are they to follow through with their pledge. There are a few indicators you can use to determine exactly how serious they really are.

Can You Trust Your Girlfriend If She Cheated on You With a Male Co Worker?

By: AJ Smith | Apr 21, 2012 You've had to deal with something that you never really expected to have to deal with. It's one of those things that you always assumed happened to other guys, but would not happen to you and your relationship. Your girlfriend cheated on you. Not only that, the guy that she cheated on you with just happened to be a male co worker and that makes it a little bit harder to deal with.

The Top Five Guaranteed Ways To Never Get Through Cheating Within Marriage

By: Daryl Campbell | Apr 7, 2012 Then comes the stage where you have to decide whether to stay married but more importantly start the process of recovering from the affair. It is not not going to easy but if you would like to make sure healing never takes place then do the following items

Get Your Partner Back After Cheating

By: Casey Wright | Mar 1, 2012 How can you get your partner to come back after you have cheated? An affair does not have to be the automatic end to your relationship.

4 Explanation Why Guys Would Turn Into an Unfaithful Partner

By: Diane Boyne | Feb 9, 2012 A number of guys have revealed that they cheated on their partner. Discover the reasons why these guys go down the wrong path.
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