Swim Cover-ups to Flatter Your Body

By: fashionshopsonline | Oct 7, 2011 Get more style and fashion tips, news and updates at is your one stop site for fashion. Shop at your favorite fashion shops and brands online and get tips,news and coupon discount all in one place.

Individual Accountability And Social Responsibility Fuel Good Government

By: Robert F Lee | Aug 6, 2011 Democracies rule through majority, in theory. In practice, they rule through the power of receiving more votes of those eligible voters, who were sufficiently engaged to opt to vote, than any other party. In Canada, for example, only slightly more than 50% of the eligible adults that were enumerated cast their ballots in 2011. Often, only 80% of the eligible voters are willing or able to be enum

Tiwanaku Alien and the News Media

By: Morten St. George | Jun 20, 2011 A common misconception among many people is that the news media, including newspapers, radio, and TV, is fair and objective and will report to them anything and everything that they should know about. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that it takes lots of money to own a news media entity, that is to say, their owners are wealthy, and, naturally, wealthy people hire journalists

Why No Sarah Palin in the Debate Tonight

By: Fernando Fonseca | Jun 15, 2011 The real reason why Sarah Barracuda will not be at the debate tonight

Republicans introduce Bill to Destroy Social Security

By: Fernando Fonseca | Jun 12, 2011 Not happy with only trying to destroy Medicare, Republicans led by Pete Sessions of TX introduced a bill to destroy Social Security as well Not happy with wanting to destroy Medicare, Republicans in congress are now going after Social Security. The Hill reports that a bill was introduced on Friday to change social security as we know it. The bill, introduced by Rep. Pete sessions of Texas would al

Someone has to defend Anthony Weiner

By: Fernando Fonseca | Jun 10, 2011 Since Democrats and the media are too timid to say iot, here it is...

Nebraska, Give Ben Nelson the boot

By: Fernando Fonseca | Jun 10, 2011 the liberal target list for the 2012 elections should include only one senator...

Romney: The Tea Party's new puppet

By: Fernando Fonseca | Jun 8, 2011 Mitt Romney has become a man without identity, but where is ge going? well that depends on his puppet masters

Get politicians off bridge kick

By: David L. Littman | May 24, 2011 In that column, I noted the contradiction between the former governor's plea of poverty in reference to the state's budget while, at the same time, endorsing billions in spending on a new government-sponsored bridge to compete with the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor. Today, with even more perilous budgetary and economic conditions facing citizens of Michigan, a new governor from a different political party is again calling for a $2.1 billion outlay in constructing a bridge to compete with the one we already have.

World’s Despots and Their Famous Wives

By: Mary Rose | Apr 21, 2011 Despot is defined as a person with oppressive power. There are a number of despots in current time. Most of them are also famous for their wives.
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