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Hiroshi Yamauchi of Gaming Giant Nintendo Dies at 85

By: Christine Castillo | Oct 5, 2013 Hiroshi Yamauchi, the man behind the gaming giant Nintendo, who not only ran the company for over 50 years successfully, but is also the brain behind taking the company that originally used to manufacture traditional playing cards to become the most famous and advanced video game manufacturers and developers, died of pneumonia aged 86 at a local hospital in central Japan.

Find the Importance of Healthy Diet

By: isaiahhankelphd | Sep 8, 2012 It is very important to learn proper ways to eat healthy food in order to enjoy healthy living. You can find many useful & interesting Tips on healthy living through various modes.

Michael Mitschele: A Successful Executive with Unique Abilities

By: michaeldmitschele | Jul 18, 2012 Michael Mitschele, a renowned executive and a prominent entrepreneur is a notable personality whose entrepreneurial bent appeared at an early age of 15. He gained great popularity due to his illustrious career and big successes.

Hot updates about the latest India news

By: cutekavya | Jun 23, 2012 In India, people have started developing a keenness for educating themselves with the most recent and latest news about the country. Due to the recent horrifying terror attacks and other such couple of events people want to be aware and alerted of the whereabouts of the nation.

Business News makes people aware about happenings in the world of Business

By: cutekavya | Jun 10, 2012 Lately, the world has found numerous types of alteration which is occurring at a very rapid speed. All these alterations have never been witnessed in the whole history of human kind that would affect the life of people to such big extent.

Latest Hindi news is just a mouse click away!

By: pooja rajput | Jun 10, 2012 The evolution of news is a very long process. The electronic part of it started with just a segment dedicated to news on a particular channel.

The latest innovations India news channels have made

By: cutekavya | Jun 6, 2012 In India news channels have made a lot of advancements in terms of visuals, reports, surveys almost everything. This makes it more interesting for the viewers to catch up on the news and events.

Get to know about the latest India news

By: cutekavya | May 30, 2012 After the independence, India has started to prosper at a large scale in every field. Due to the latest advancements in technologies, India news today is very much in demand among the masses.

Grab State News in Hindi with a Single Click

By: pooja rajput | May 30, 2012 A lot of people are keen on educating themselves with the current events and happening of their nation.

E-Samachar- An Easy and Convenient Way to Get Hindi News

By: pooja rajput | May 30, 2012 News, as we all know, is a popular source to influence masses. News is basically updates about events and happenings on a state, national or international level.
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