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Current Affairs and Social Issues in India

By: PankaJ Kumar | May 8, 2012 provides the right platform for raising, engaging and understanding issues of social and political relevance in India. It is distinctive in more ways than one.

How Child Benefit will be Changing

By: Andrew Marshall | May 1, 2012 Changes are due to take place in the way in which child benefit is distributed which will bring an end to all parents receiving the benefit. There has been both support and criticism for this idea, particularly the specifics of how it will be changed.

Article on next president election 2012

By: David Greg | Mar 30, 2012 Could Ron Paul be the following President of the United States? You betcha he could win the next president election.

Updates on next president election 2012

By: David Greg | Mar 18, 2012 It turns out the bid of Republican Mitt Romney to develop into the many who will challenge Barack Obama on next president election in November is happening like the proverbial Lead Zepplin.

Political Chaos Helps Old Holiday Favourites

By: John Taylor | Mar 17, 2012 Just over a year ago Middle East dissent began in what became known as The Arab Spring, with some of the disturbances in or close to popular tourist areas. The result is a shift away from troubled areas, and the map of Spain is being looked at again by many making holiday plans for this coming summer.

President of internet elections – first time in history

By: Victor Peterson | Mar 16, 2012 To be the President of a big country like USA or Russia is very hard. But it is a very honourable and respectful position. You are responsible for the lives and well-being of millions people. The whole world knows you and your words worth their weight in gold. The media quotes you and people talk over you. But what if you are responsible for the whole web-humanity?

Personal Investigator-An Expert in find the required credentials

By: cleantrip | Mar 5, 2012 The investigator has the ability to find out core proofs which helps to prove the truth of the person or anybody who is under the investigation.

May their NFL nba jerseys Net Enable

By: Zach Randolph | Feb 28, 2012 May their NFL nba jerseys Net Enable

Obama's Grandmother

By: Top Web Design Company | Feb 25, 2012 Obama's grandmother, Sarah, had met with a vehicular accident in West Kenya.

How Whistleblower Lawyers Can Help You

By: fin | Feb 13, 2012 Whistleblowers can make their allegations in two different ways. Where possible, they will choose to make these allegations internally- meaning that they will report the abuse or corruption case to one superior entity within the respective organization or company.
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