Rafael Van Der Vaart and wife Sylvie split after Dutch soccer star hit his spouse at private party

By: Chris Elliott | Jan 3, 2013 Dutch football superstar Rafael van der Vaart has split up with his model wife, Sylvie after he admitted to hitting her on New Year's Eve.

A mother send her children away to Italy to avoid abduction claims

By: Alan Weiss | Dec 4, 2012 A mother of 4 young girls aged nine to fourteen send her children away to Italy to save them from being declared fugitives. The decision of the mother was based on the order issued by the Family Court in connection with a legal custody battle filed by their Italian father pursuant to the Hague Convention on child abduction regulations which the Australian Government was one of the signatories.

Danny DeVito & wife Rhea Perlman bring an end to 30 years of marriage

By: John Stevens | Oct 9, 2012 Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, one of Hollywood's seemingly inseparable couples, announced that they brought an end to their long-tenured marriage on Monday (October 8, 2012).

Life After Divorce

By: Bella Park | Aug 8, 2012 It all depends on person to person as how they make their life after divorce. Throwing the emotional baggage of divorce will immensely help you in getting a better post divorce life.

Fort Bend Divorce Attorneys Take You Out Of Marital Discord

By: Article Manager | Jun 14, 2012 Fort Bend divorce attorneys are legal counselors who act on behalf of their clients in the court so that they can obtain divorce in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Fort Bend Divorce Attorney: A Legal Counselor for A Divorce Seeker

By: Article Manager | Jun 14, 2012 Fort Bend divorce attorney has earned reputation for helping claimants to get maximum benefits with respect to temporary spousal support, child support, temporary control of the family home and other properties as well.

Katy Divorce Lawyer to Defend Your Divorce Case Successfully

By: Article Manager | Jun 14, 2012 In simple words, a divorce lawyer is a legal advisor who assists a divorce seeker in the filing and preparing divorce case within less time and money.

Tulsa Divorce Attorney - How To Win Your Divorce

By: matthew ingham | Jun 10, 2012 Generally speaking, there really are only two roads to take during divorce: the high road and the low road. The high road consist of communicating with your ex, hiring a mediator, and trying to hash out the details of a final divorce settlement. The whole goal of taking the high road is to negotiate a full and final settlement outside of court...

Tulsa Divorce Lawyers - Understanding The Fundamentals Of Child Custody

By: matthew ingham | Jun 10, 2012 We have all heard horror stories about a divorce case that lasted twenty months and ended up costing the spouses $220,000.00 in attorney fees. In all honesty, divorce cases like that DO exist and YES they DO last several months and end up costing the spouses several thousands of dollars in attorney fees...

Tips To Handle the Paperwork of Online Divorce Effectively

By: Envoca | Jun 6, 2012 Traditionally, divorcing couples have to hire lawyers to deal with tasks from the time they file the divorce until the time they go to court. But it will also be important to note that along with that are the expensive costs that they have to bear because it certainly is not cheap to pay lawyers according to the time that they have devoted on your case.
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