Ethical Issues

California Environmental and Toxic Tort Law

By: Gibson Sebastian | Nov 27, 2007 Environmental and Toxic Tort Law cases in California are often one and the same. In an age when the carelessness of large corporations seems endless and the public has awoken to environmental dangers such as global warming and pollution of groundwater.

Time for the aclu to butt out

By: Sammy Sorrell Sorrell | Jul 26, 2007 America will remain a great nation as long as it recognizes God as the giver of all of our liberties and freedoms and the responsibilities that go with those liberties. When any group comes along under the guise of protecting our God given rights, liberties and freedoms and wants to remove God from the picture beware of that group. Historically the ACLU would remove God from our teachings, from our Government, from our pledge of allegiance, from many of our social interactions with each other and other vital areas of our society according to their own invented perception of liberty violations. Time for the ACLU to butt out!

Who pays for transportation when the child moves across country?

By: James D. Scott | Jun 25, 2007 When the parent with the most child sharing time moves across thecountry, extra efforts must be made for the child or the children tokeep frequent and continuing contact with the parent and other familymembers who remain behind.

Lemon Laws May Not Cover Recreational Vehicles

By: Charles Essmeier | Jul 13, 2006 If you own an expensive recreational vehicle and something goes wrong, don't expect your state's lemon law to help you. In most states, lemon laws do not protect you against problems with your RV.

Shooting From a Motor Vehicle

By: Darren Kavinoky | Jun 21, 2006 Shooting a firearm from a motor vehicle, commonly known as a “drive-by” shooting, results in increased penalties. It is a felony punishable by an additional and consecutive term of imprisonment in the state prison for 5, 6, or 10 years. Consecutive punishment means that the additional term would follow any other term of imprisonment imposed. Consecutive punishment adds more years of imprisonment as compared to concurrent punishment which allows for the crimes to be served at the same time, resulting in less total years of imprisonment.

Standard of proof in DMV Hearings

By: Darren Kavinoky | Jun 21, 2006 The standard of proof at DMV hearings is the preponderance of the evidence standard. This level of proof is required in most civil cases, which DMV hearings can be likened to, as opposed to the criminal court trial where the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. The preponderance of the evidence standard merely requires that there be more evidence in support of a defendant’s guilt than not.
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