Ethics and Morality

What to do when faced with domestic violence?

By: Ken Wolfe | Jun 24, 2011 Domestic Violence And Its Effects On A Divorce

An Engagement for Integrity in Government and its Governance

By: Eduardo Rodriguez, Esq | Jan 13, 2011 To open the discussion between the business community, the University of Texas, El Paso Business School, the Citizens Commission, and the citizens at large in the community, we pose the following question:

Legal Talks: Re A (Children) Conjoined Twins: Surgical Separation (2000)

By: Cindy Eliza Vaz | Jan 11, 2011 The case of Re A Conjoined Twins has been decided as a one off special case by the courts in UK. Was it a fair judgement? Was the application of the defence of necessity to this hearing fair or was it merely a cloak for the white collared doctors?

The Legal Limit of Holiday Spirits

By: Alex Albert | Dec 20, 2010 is a Law Firm provides Attorneys, Lawyers, Family Law, Wills, Business Law, Estate Planning, Personal Injury, Trademarks, Bankruptcy services in Arizona!

The Dangers of Making a False Claim

By: Fred Dinbar | Nov 10, 2010 Some may choose to make a false claim intentionally in order to receive money whilst others may make a claim for something

Lenin Mausoleum: to be or not to be?

By: Lavrentyeva Natalya | Jan 26, 2007 Remaining one of the places of interest in Moscow, Lenin mausoleum causes hot disputes over its propriety and significance. Some people consider the mausoleum a unique phenomenon of Soviet history, while others claim that the unburied Lenin`s body stigmatizes image of Russia.

Ethics and Morality: Right and Wrong

By: -- -- | Oct 26, 2006 Can religion guide us when asking tough life challenging questions?
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