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Why Is a Prenuptial Agreement a Good Idea?

By: Robert Mark | Feb 8, 2013 Prenuptial agreement, also referred to as a premarital agreement or a prenup, is a contract that specifies what will happen to a couple's assets if they divorce. Although prenuptial agreements may seem unromantic, they can have many benefits.

Prenuptial agreements help protect business assets from being split and sold

By: Robert Mark | Feb 2, 2013 It is an agreement or contract entered into between two individuals who intend to marry setting out how the assets of the couple will be divided between the parties should the marriage subsequently come to an end.

Let Your Family Lawyer Draft Your Family Constitution

By: Rhine Delema | Nov 26, 2012 Are you running a long and successful business? Something that you started on your youth and effectively turned into an empire? Now that you are in your old age, have you thought of the future of this venture you are into? I believe you have practically spent numerous hours and unimaginable effort to make it this big. After you have built an empire, are you sure your offspring are as driven as you

Child Support Lawyers and Missing Partners

By: Elliot Heidelberger | Oct 31, 2012 Child support lawyers are sometimes engaged by people who need support from a parent that they cannot find. This happens all the time.

Taking to a Family Law Firm in Chicago about Child Custody

By: Elliot Heidelberger | Oct 12, 2012 If you're going through a divorce in your having a dispute about custody of your children, hiring a family law firm in Chicago right away is the best way to address the situation. The first thing you will be able do is allow the family law firm in Chicago that you hire to take over dealing with the issues with your spouse so that the situation doesn't escalate further.

The Biggest Divorce and Class Action Settlement Cases

By: Peter Wendt | Jun 14, 2012 Millions of dollars can change hands during expensive settlement cases. Two of the biggest settlement cases in history made national headlines because of the enormous amounts.

What Do You Wish that You Include in Your Separation Agreement

By: Robert Mark | Jun 10, 2012 Separation agreement is basically a written document that contains the terms and conditions of separation between married or unmarried couples and also mentions the rights and duties that both parties will have to follow in order to avoid any injustice to any of them.

What To Do When You Are Considering Adult Adoption

By: Phoenix Delray | Jun 9, 2012 This article discusses important things to consider with adult adoption.

What Are The Options For People Who Require Legal Advice and Legal Help

By: Lance Brooke | Jun 6, 2012 It is a well known fact that legal services are very expensive in United States and not everyone is able to afford them. In-fact, a large part of small civil law cases are self-represented because of this very reason. One of the main reasons held responsible for this is the scarcity of legal services that can be afforded by low and middle class segment. These people have to self-represent themselv

Important Things You Ought to Know About Family Law Practice in Australia

By: Joel Johnson | May 31, 2012 There is certainly no family that does not have its problems. Often, you will find arguments between spouses which can be amicably fixed, but there are always those arguments which just cannot be managed without legal arbitration. This is when family law will definitely help you.
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