The trying times

By: pooja rajput | Sep 13, 2013 It is often witnessed that the ex-army men face problems in their post-retirement life. This has many reasons.

Investment in Commercial Diving Will Save the Economy, Not NASA

By: Scott Kilgore | May 26, 2012 Government investment aimed at the oceans and the institutions that serve them would give a much better return on investment than that of space exploration.

Basic Strength Of A Prenuptial Agreement

By: Ley Martin | May 25, 2012 Concerning the tradition of nuptials or marriage, couple would take part in marriage as a result of mutual feelings, they love one another, want to have children and family, with no conversation of properties, instead, love, sharing and understanding. After a while, couple encounter problems, trials, financial uncertainty so they would find themselves being counseled due this reason. That's the re

American- Iran relations on nuclear issue

By: pooja rajput | May 17, 2012 The British- Russian rivalry over Iran began in the mid-1800. With the end of World War II, Britain’s role in the region diminished, and United States took its place.

A French toast

By: pooja rajput | May 6, 2012 Things do not seem very bright for reigning French president Nicholas Sarkozy who is running for the presidential elections once again.

Tasks of a Correctional Officer

By: D. Perez | May 3, 2012 People intrigued in functioning as a correctional officer generally have the demand to be tested and to perform in a job taken into account satisfying. Although this particular task is certainly not for everybody, there are certain individuals that shine working in confinement circumstances. Unlike typical law enforcement officers, correctional officers work solely in prisons, prisons, and many ot

Norton Scientific Collection: China’s VP Visits White House

By: Norton Collection | Apr 13, 2012 President Barack Obama has sat down in a meeting with the next leader of China to discuss matters regarding same trade rules, human rights policies, military intentions and perhaps, to also gauge what the next administration will be like.

2012 Rajya Sabha Elections – Important Information

By: pooja rajput | Apr 5, 2012 The Election Commission of India has announced the Biennial Elections to the Council of States for Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal and Rajasthan. According to Election Commission, 2012 Rajya Sabha Elections for 58 seats will be conducted in the month of April

The railway budget of 2012

By: pooja rajput | Mar 23, 2012 Indian Railways is the single most large public sector employers in India. So it has its own budget which deals with the problems relating to their own. The budget deals with the expenditure, profits and also passenger security to its list of important goals which provide the people safety and fast transport. Rail budget 2012 has been truly remarkable for some thing.

Indian Budget 2012 and its implications

By: pooja rajput | Mar 23, 2012 Budget has been always a serious affair for any expanding and developing economies and also for the world. In India budget has always been a very important phenomenon that have always made national headlines as it should be being the most important guideline for the nation’s development. The budget 2012 has provided some new dimensions to the country and the improvement in the trade and also int
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