A Brief History of Steel Production

By: Stuart Mitchell | Apr 12, 2012 Nowadays steel seems to be omnipresent, a vital component in the construction industry as well as being found in a variety of products such as food ware, machinery, weaponry and vehicles. Whilst being integral to our modern world it has a rich history and has been produced and used by mankind for millenia.

All facts and Secrets about Daily life in Ancient Egypt Before 1500 BC

By: AncientEgyptInfo | Mar 25, 2012 As well as all the time life in ancient Egypt was actually a great deal different as opposed to vision that a lot of in many instances drifts into their minds. Relics found in this particular archeological digs along with paintings in addition to a drawings with regards to pyramid as well as tomb walls depict illustrations or photos having to do with period of time in ancient Egypt.

Smart Facts and Secrets about Egyptian Mythology

By: AncientEgyptInfo | Mar 25, 2012 As a result of time out of mind Arab republic of egypt could still simply because the length of the land having to do with a number of lands: The type of desertlike Piece of leather Arab republic of egypt, or even the Red Land, and of course Cut down on Arab republic of egypt, or even the Black and white Land, in which the soil is without question fertile. As soon as possible 99 percent all over the Egyptian population live into the profit zone Land. Value of this key fact duality is much more t

Origin of English Place Names

By: Andrew Marshall | Mar 24, 2012 People often wonder where place names come from. English place names come from a variety of old English and Anglo-Saxon words. Below are some examples of typical English place names and their origin. These are grouped into certain types of place names and includes some examples.

Haiti Culture

By: Ken | Mar 22, 2012 Haitian culture is one of the appealing cultures in the world. It is a blend of traditional western, Latin American, and spiced up with African culture. The name Haiti is used to refer to "mountainous country" and is derived from Taino Indians who were living in this island before Europeans established their authority. The name was adopted after independence in 1804 by military generals who had won the independence and majority of who were formers slaves.

For Freedom

By: peter carroll | Mar 11, 2012 Then I saw it, coming in low; an old wartime bomber. Flames were gushing from one of its four engines, and only one of its undercarriage legs was down. It seemed to be heading directly for us.

Famous Black Women Who Changed the Course of History

By: MalachiYork | Mar 7, 2012 When we think of famous black women, the majority of them are somewhere in the entertainment industry. Our society has come a long way and strides are being made to acknowledge women for more than their beauty, but for their brains. The male ego has suppressed the female but her intellect prevails for every man has a woman as their first teacher.

The Lamplighter

By: peter carroll | Mar 7, 2012 Memories can spring from the most unexpected things. Locally I noticed, tucked away behind a wall, the remnants of an old Victorian style lamp-post. Then a tune rumbled in my mind, the lyrics sung by Sammy Kaye -something about the old lamplighter and how he made the night brighter all those years ago.

Roses Myths and Facts

By: Melbourne Florist | Mar 7, 2012 Today's article is about myths and facts of roses, how roses came to existence through myth and interesting facts related to roses.

The History of the Pocket Knife

By: Brenda Hopkins | Feb 11, 2012 The earliest known pocket knives were found at Hallstatt and dated back to 600 BC made with a bone handle and crude yet simple folding blade design. 1st Century Romans are credited with creating the first folding pocket knife. They made for easy carrying for soldiers and other explorers on their journeys and conquests.
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