Social History

By: Benny | Jul 25, 2011 Social history also known as new-social history has been defined as History's branch which includes history regarding common people as well as the strategies of theirs with which they used to cope with the life.

Military History

By: Benny | Jul 25, 2011 By the term military history we mean discipline of humanity within scope regarding normal recordings of history of the armed battle in humanities history as well its effect on society, as well as on societies economies, culture as well as changing relationships both international and within the country.

History - Basics

By: Benny | Jul 25, 2011 The term history means a discovery, organization, presentation as well as collection regarding the information relating to the events of past. We can use the term history in 2 senses. It can either mean event's record or the events itself. In wide sense, history means all which has already happened or taken place, not just all human-life's phenomena but also those regarding natural-world also.

History of Science

By: Benny | Jul 25, 2011 By the term history of science we mean that a study which studies development of history regarding human-understanding. Before 20th century history of science, mainly of biological and physical sciences, were looked upon as narrative which was celebrating victory of the true hypothesis over the false.

Crucial Periods of Irish History

By: Travis Olague | Jul 23, 2011 It is always interested to know how your ancestors lived many years ago. This informative article will tell you about Pre-Christian Ireland and Catholic Evangelization of Irish Lands.


By: Henry Ford | Jul 16, 2011 Studies reveal that civilization was witnessed as a result of psychopaths. Studies further points out that civilization occurred on the basis of warfare and slavery which is the cause of high cases of murder. Psychopaths' civilization is said to occur in three stages which include: using lies to form an army for mass killing, the use of army for enslaving people and controlling their labour f

The UN Security Council veto power effects on democratic principles in 21st century

By: Ken | Jul 15, 2011 The world organizations have been in the forefront on keeping the international peace since the end of the WWII. The international peace was a fundamental factor which led to the establishment of the United Nations. Thus, the formation of the UN was to ensure peace prevailed to bringing certain positive changes in different sphere of human life. The United Nations was envisioned as peace keeping body through the practice of justice, liberty and equality.

The History of early hand tools.

By: Claire Warrington | Jul 12, 2011 We take it for granted that hand tools have always been around because we live in a sophisticated society where there is a hand tool for almost every job and they come in a wide range of styles and designs.

A long and violent history of Russia. Ivan Grozny. part1

By: Stephanie Kio | Jul 9, 2011 Ivan IV, is remembered as Ivan the Terrible. The Russian word "grozny", which is translated as "terrible", actually means "awesome", and indeed there was a kind of grandeur in Ivan's excesses.

A long and violent history of Russia. Ivan Grozny. Part 2

By: Stephanie Kio | Jul 9, 2011 In 1560, Anastasia died mysteriously, and the bad half of Ivan's reign began. He was convinced the Tsarina had been poisoned. His mind seeded to shatter, and he sank into a life of dissipation and paranoia.
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