A long and violent history of Russia. Peter the Great. Part 2

By: Stephanie Kio | Jul 9, 2011 Peter the Great modernized Russian army to enable it to cope with continuing foreign invasions. After Russia lost 10.000 men and most of its artillery against a much smaller Swedish force in 1700, Peter rebuilt his army in a single year.

Beginning of a long and violent history of Russia

By: Stephanie Kio | Jul 9, 2011 A land unprotected by natural barriers, it has suffered invasion after invasion – from the east by Pechenegs, Tartars, Khazars and countless others, from the north and west by Varangians, Swedes, Lithuanians, Poles, French and Germans.

Most Astonishing Unknown Facts in World War II

By: Mary Rose | Jul 8, 2011 There are many unknown events in the history of the World War II including death match, first Shot, Horst Wessel Song, ‘The third Reich’ and so on. Here is the list we compiled about the most astonishing unknown facts in WW2.

The Electromagnetic Field Generated by Household Appliances Might Influence Male Fertility

By: lusasel | Jul 7, 2011 Men do not want to do housework in their homes? A research result conducted in America might provide you with a more convincible reason: the electromagnetic field generated by the household appliances such as vacuum machines might affect male virility. Research crew from the US Stanford University have selected 148 volunteers among which are 76 of them fan heaterencounter problems such as vitality
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