The Best 4 Purposes Why You Will Need To Employ An Immigration Legal Professional

By: Brent Gunderson | Aug 15, 2012 Every country has its own protocols on how immigrants can obtain legal citizenship or long term residence. Many times, folks will need to file forms and maybe even appear in court to show their case as to why they would like to remain in that nation. The whole process of attaining residence or citizenship is commonly difficult, and the ever-changing rules encircling it can be difficult to grasp. A

Immigration Lawyer – A Leader of Hope

By: manchandalawoffice | Aug 2, 2012 The country where people do not have respect or friends or love and where there are no scholars; one should leave that country—Chanakya The Great!

Study in Countries Abroad and Get Your Student Visa on Time

By: Subhash Kashyap | Jun 20, 2012 There is a huge difference between a Tourist Visa and a Student Visa if you don’t know. Any student applying for a country’s visa with respect to studying there has to definitely go with the latter and not the former kind of visa.

The Role and Duties of A Filipino Immigration Attorney

By: Betsy Wright | Jun 18, 2012 When contemplating to travel to another country, make certain you more or less know their set of laws, rules and regulations, so as not to get you in a lot problems. However, if in case you happen to be trapped in a serious and hard scenario and have violated the law, seek legal assistance instantly. In the Philippines, a Filipino immigration lawyer is certainly what you need.

Asian Immigrants Steal Job or Provide Cheap labour in Canada

By: cooperm985 | Jun 16, 2012 In the last three years the number of immigrant workers has doubled in British Columbia. 60 temporary foreign workers are supported in the Canada Line Construction (RAV). They are paid $5 per hour or even lesser against which they have to work for about 54-56 hours per week. They do not get any overtime for the extra work they do.

Immigration Canada: When and How to Extend your Work Permit

By: Russ Weninger | Jun 6, 2012 If you were issued a work permit, you can apply for its extension. However, you have to remain in Canada during the processing of your application and you must also file it at the Case Processing Centre. The law provides different provisions that define the maximum validity period of the work permit. At times, its validity period depends on the job category. For example, if your job is determined

Immigration Attorney - Advice by an Attorney Is Now Affordable in Your Local Area

By: immigrationattorneyca | Jun 1, 2012 If you have been looking for an Immigration Attorney San Jose, but have had no good luck in finding one that you can easily trust, then you have been going about your search in the wrong way. Today, you can easily find an Immigration Attorney San Jose all you have to do is go about the search in a systematic manner.

How To Get Your Vietnam Visa From India.

By: Edward bell | May 26, 2012 people who are seeking for Vietnam visa in India can get in through the Vietnam embassy in India of via the Vietnam Immigration Department. The second choice is comparatively simpler and cheaper too. So, most of the people prefer the second one.

Vietnam Visa For Indians – New Rules And Regulations.

By: Edward bell | May 26, 2012 New rules and regulations on Vietnam Visa for Indians have been circulated by the Vietnam Embassy in India according to which Indian citizens seeking for Vietnam visa have to pay higher charges to the supporting representative who will be requesting for the Vietnam visa approval letter for them.

Issuing Vietnam Business Visa For Indians

By: Edward bell | May 26, 2012 If you are a business man and want to set your business in Vietnam then find out a Vietnam company which can provide guarantee for you because it has made essential for issuing Vietnam business visa for Indians by the Vietnam Immigration Department.
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