Tagg Romney: Mitt Romney's eldest son doesn’t like it when President Barack Obama calls his dad “a liar”

By: Mary Rose | Oct 22, 2012 Tagg Romney, the eldest son of GOP nominee Mitt Romney, had an interview with North Carolina radio host Bill Lumaye on Wednesday (October 17, 2012).

Stabilization of Russian Political Environment via Formation of New Constitution

By: Cherry Blosom | Sep 19, 2012 Russian politics has started under the framework of federal republication of semi-president of Russia. According to Russian constitution, President of Russia is considered as head of state and that of multi-party system incorporating executive power to be exercised by Prime Minister and his government. Prime Minister is actually appointed by Russian president, but only by obtaining approval from P

Military Organization: Intelligence

By: John Diaz | Sep 6, 2012 The military has a requirement that comes as a fairly basic need for the military to identify the possible military threats, sometimes expressed as danger of military action, a military challenge, or a military risk, a concept in military intelligence that identifies an imminent capability for use of military force in resolving diplomatic or economic disputes, it may be called upon to face.

Paul Ryan’s wife Janna Little comes from a politically minded family

By: John Stevens | Aug 16, 2012 Janna Little Ryan, wife of the newly named Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, grew up in a family deeply rooted in Democratic politics in the small town of Madill, Oklahoma.

Paul Ryan’s wife Janna Ryan and children in pictures

By: John Stevens | Aug 13, 2012 Mitt Romney announced at an event in Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday (August 11, 2012) that he chose Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate.

Wear Obama T-Shirts and Support President Obama Today

By: James Gibbs | May 29, 2012 President Barack Obama has proven his leadership over most difficult three years in the history of the United States. He continues to inspire all of us in different ways. He has brought an array of new and innovative ideas and solutions to improve the lives of Americans in all aspects. It is now time for supporters to show off their love for President Obama, before others take a lead.

Opinions About Political Corruption can Vary

By: Phoenix Delray | May 9, 2012 This article is an overview of the political corruption in the United States.

French President Francois Hollande and girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler in pictures

By: Mary Rose | May 8, 2012 Francois Hollande and his former wife separated around the time Segolene Royal ran for president in 2007. His current girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler is a journalist on the magazine Paris Match.

Kashmiris Are No Longer Influenced By Vicious Propaganda

By: Danial Martin | May 7, 2012 For a set of leaders ostensibly seeking autonomy for their land, however incredible the proposition, there can be no greater ignominy than being branded as stooges of another power. It would therefore only be in the interest of all mainstream parties of the state to realise that if they are seeking a political future of any length of time they need to talk of issues that have more relevance for th

Rick Santorum Dropped Out of GOP Race

By: Elizabeth Woods | May 3, 2012 Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum has officially dropped out of the 2012 presidential election. His survival lasted longer than any expected. The Republican presidential candidate was losing to Mitt Romney in his home state of Pennsylvania.
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