America’s Poorest Presidents from 24/7 Wall St., Harry S. Truman, William McKinley , Ulysses Simpson Grant, Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Harrison, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison

By: Mary Rose | May 31, 2010 To tell about America’s presidents, there are lots of things to mention. And today we will have chance to know about the poorest ones. These presidents used to be investors, businessmen, and plantation owners who was bankrupted and had to sell off all their estate and properties. Among them, many people couldn’t afford to pay his debts off even after their death. Here's the list of America's Poorest Presidents from 24/7 Wall St.:

Photos of US President when little kids

By: Elisa Wasson | May 6, 2010 It is certain that even you are a great scientist or a talented genius; you have yourself experienced a childhood. At quite young age, no one can judge whether you will become successful or not. And n
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