How to Keep the Relationship

By: Code Blue | Apr 18, 2013 Do not lost contact with good friends due to the passage of time. Expect for a long conversation, you should greet each other with text messages, postcards, and e-mail. Friends should blend in our life according these ways. When they are trying to understand our lives as much as possible, you should look for opportunities to share the joy and moved of life with them. Yes, some friends have lost co

Making the Most of All – Inclusive Destination Weddings

By: Brooke Hart | Apr 9, 2013 Couples that are engaged are all interested in finding even more for their wedding. The perfect setting, romantic connections and other options are all available to create the perfect fit. If you are searching for different options, then looking at all – inclusive destination weddings can help you to find the perfect fit for your needs. There are a variety of ways that you can add this into y

Sometimes Finding True Love Is All About Timing

By: Rolf Walser | Apr 6, 2013 Whether you've been in love once, twice, three times or many more times, finding true love is blissful and exciting. For most of us when we think back at finding our true love, we probably feel things like gratitude and luck, as if the heavens had something to do with setting it all up. Finding true love is really about timing.

7 Awesome Tips - The Best Relationship Advice Yet

By: Rolf Walser | Mar 29, 2013 It would be terrible to give you relationship advice that makes you believe that there is such a thing as a relationship where everything always goes perfectly. Let's face it, when we're starting out with a new person they seem to do everything right.

Blatant Signs of Co-Dependent Relationships

By: Rolf Walser | Mar 23, 2013 Co-dependent relationships are virtually everywhere and we start getting introduced to them as early as childhood when watching movies about princesses who long for their knight in shining armor.

To make your marriage work!

By: shoun Joseph | Mar 21, 2013 After infidelity, trying to save a marriage is a difficult thing to do. However, it is also very admirable. To promote them through the media and movies, our society makes light of affairs and even seems.

Ten classic complaints about women from men

By: yaoyao | Mar 14, 2013 Most complaints that men are likely to have about women sound funny and interesting. Have a look at the following list and ask your man whether he thinks about you in the same way.

Strengthening Tip 4 to Achieving a Loving Relationship, Part 4 of 4

By: Rolf Walser | Mar 8, 2013 Our fourth relationship tip is built on the give-re-give principle. Often known as give and take.

Binding Financial Agreement Matters In Marriage

By: Marte Latim | Mar 5, 2013 Financial agreements could be entered by any two people who are married or are preparing to marry. Financial agreements are binding - in that sense they are very challenging to overturn - but they do need to satisfy the formal requirements specified by section 90G of the Family Law Act 1975 (“the Act”) to achieve this status: the agreement must be penned. An oral agreement won’t suffice. It

Strengthening Tip 3 to Achieving a Loving Relationship, Part 3 of 4

By: Rolf Walser | Mar 4, 2013 Chemistry may have been what originally attracted you to your partner and may have been the starter to your loving relationship. Communication, however, is what keeps the bond strong and what sustains the relationship over decades.
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