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Rajeev Chaba- A Pioneer For The Aspiring Younger Generation

By: Mariya Sharapova | Jan 28, 2014 Rajeev Chaba has done numerous wonders in his career. He normally started as any energetic youth, but has accomplished so much and rose to the greatest heights.

Charity Team Building Programs - Growing in Relevance

By: Harish Pal Singh | Aug 27, 2013 Team building programs are generally used to train and motivate employees and improve their concentration, decision making, and communication skills.

What Is So Captivating About Strange News And Pictures?

By: Kelvin Kelly | Apr 23, 2013 Not all news is strange, but most of what is captivating in the headlines has some aspect of strangeness hidden in it. The good thing is that strange news has its own advantages, and whether you think it is true or not, judge for yourself if the below facts are correct

Social network privacy

By: Terry Brown | Mar 16, 2013 An opportunity provided by the cyberspace has created a platform for people to meet and share about their personal lives. This information through public social sites assists the employer to access the information concerning the characters of their employees. The ever increasing connectivity of the people on the social networks can be an evident that they derive some benefit from them. The report

Emotional Blackmail: Is Your Child’s Behavior Holding You Hostage?

By: Seif Sel | Sep 21, 2012 I’ve worked with many parents over the years who routinely gave in when their children acted out. One mother I met, I’ll call her Linda*, had a twelve-year-old son who often used emotional blackmail and threats of misbehavior to get his way.

Why Our Feelings get Hurt so Easily?

By: John Matthew | Jul 18, 2012 Aston Kutcher is in news again but not because of his ex-wife Demi Moore anymore. This time it is a commercial film in which he appeared as an Indian and Indians are calling him racist for that.

Mrs Olufunso Amosun Uplifts Life of Needy Persons

By: Olufunso Amosun | Jun 10, 2012 Olufunso Amosun is Ogun Firstlady in Nigeria who is working to uplift the human life. She is dedicated to improve social life of poor people, widows, unemployed, old age and blind people. She works for betterment life of needy persons.

Illegal Child Marriage in Bangladesh Continues To Rise - How Can We Help?

By: Daniel Kidd | May 23, 2012 A shocking 20% of girls under the age of 15 are forced into marriage illegally in Bangladesh – the minimum age allowed by law is 18.

Make Your Dream Come True

By: zhan zhan | May 17, 2012 The outlet of numerous branches in remotest elements of India is actually improving the quantity of openings yearly. The particular system of the bank is growing immensely over time while they provide optimum Bank companies. The trust and also appropriate services possess received this kind of lender value. Condition Lender work have always been amongst the most desired work because of different r

Breaking The Break-Up:Get Your Boyfriend Back

By: Shawni Groezinger | May 17, 2012 When planning to get your boyfriend back,do not make extreme alterations unless they are for the self improvement.
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