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Effective Solutions to Eliminate Water Shortage in Rural Areas

By: Halabol Team | Mar 15, 2012 It is estimated that by 2020 India will become a water-stressed nation as the average availability of water is reducing steadily with the growing population.

Shining shining with persistence and devotion

By: RedStar | Mar 12, 2012 If you are interested in mining machinery such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, ball mill, Raymond mill, snad maker, we believe that Henan Hongxing Machinery is your nice choice.

I Would Never Fight For My Country

By: Robert F Lee | Mar 12, 2012 I would never fight for my country. There is no speck of soil, no fabric of flag and no bogus border that is worth shedding blood, taking a life, maiming another human. Such treasonous beliefs speak, for many, of a coward. You are free to call me such. I am now older, having seen the bulk of my years pass by, in a country where I can boast of freedoms and rights, privileges and advantages not a

Where Are Our Black Heroes?

By: MalachiYork | Mar 7, 2012 Where are our Black heroes? Why is it so hard to find a Black leader without the negative connotations attributed to them? Why do we let the media define who our heroes are? Are we nothing more than sheep grazing in the pasture waiting to be led to slaughter?

Activities Of Funeral Homes

By: Roger Fleming | Mar 3, 2012 Death brings shadow of sadness. To say goodbye to the deceased a well organized farewell ceremony is required to be done. There comes the importance of the funeral homes.

Jodhpur Wedding Planners

By: Honey Hco | Mar 3, 2012 Indian weddings are basically known for their glamour and the rich culture which it represents. The NRI’s that come to India usually hire Indian wedding planners who try to incorporate new ideas and plan the most awesome wedding possible. Starting from the theme of the wedding to the venue and the decoration all the responsibilities are handled perfectly. The most impressive part of the planning

The Aging Society: More Chances Than Challenges

By: daweidai | Mar 3, 2012 China is now stepping into an aging country. According to the criterion of the United Nations, once the proportion of the over-sixty-year old people exceeds 10 percent of the county’s population, the country becomes an aging country.

Investigative journalism - a two edged sword towards corruption and unethical practice

By: annphilip | Feb 28, 2012 Investigative journalism has long been regarded as one of the most challenging and rewarding branches of media business. Now people sit in front of cable television for long hours to know exactly what happened, when happened, how happened and who is behind that?

The Need For Fire Warden Training

By: Ashley Soutter | Feb 23, 2012 Some people don’t know what a fire warden is. Here is a bit about what fire warden training encompasses and more. This can help some to see what they will be learning and if this training is for them.

Better Medical Coding Training Services

By: gabblet | Feb 20, 2012 TCS or also known as The Coding Source was molded with the help of the Sinaiko Healthcare Consulting principals. They're known as a respected firm found in Los Angeles, California and the founder of TCS was in Sinaiko, working.
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