Shirtless Zayn Malik and Liam Payne enjoy a day out on board a luxury yacht in Miami

By: James Miller Miller | Jul 3, 2013 After being caught smoking a suspicious looking cigarette on his luxury yacht last week, Zayn Malik of One Direction kicked back on the lavish boat in Miami, Florida on Saturday afternoon (June 15, 2013).

15 Of The Best Package Designs

By: Henry Funk | Jun 29, 2013 Apart from helping protect a product and facilitate the use of it, an eye-catching packaging design is one of the most essential factors to sell products. Because most people often judge a product by its packaging, the packaging can cost even more than the product itself.

Celebrity Fashion Trend: Black and White Outfits

By: Emma Murphy | Jun 22, 2013 Black and white is a timeless color combination. From elegant blazers to daring-cut-out dresses and sexy blouses, not only designers but also many beauties in Hollywood are obsessed with the classic combo.

Perfect retirement life with comminute senior

By: Jenna G Harger | Jun 21, 2013 There might be many who would want to retire from their working world and rest for the rest of their lives.

Enjoy reencounters senior if you are young at heart

By: Jenna G Harger | Jun 21, 2013 Researches show that majority of the seniors select to opt for recompress senior. The reasons for these can be endless but one of them is that they are the ones who are still very young at heart.

Find Your Old Friend In Michigan With People Finder Service

By: Chris Gemmell | Jun 19, 2013 Online people search tools are connected to several web servers to have a huge coverage and to provide to best possible result.

Great People Finder California Online Search

By: Chris Gemmell | Jun 17, 2013 Finding someone in California is difficult because of its huge population. Luckily, there is a search tool named the California People Finder to ease the difficulty.

Best People Finder Michigan Online Service

By: Chris Gemmell | Jun 14, 2013 If you want to track a person but are unaware of which state exactly to start searching, look for a people finder tool that offer an option to do a nationwide search.

Find People in Florida-People Finder a great Software over the internet

By: Chris Gemmell | Jun 5, 2013 You will need to use Florida People Finder if you want to find a person in Florida.

10 Best Father’s Day Gifts under $50

By: Jim Baker | Jun 3, 2013 Father’s Day is the time of year when we celebrate and honor our fathers as well as let them know how much we appreciate them. With the big day right around the corner, maybe you're scrambling for some great gift ideas for your dad. Let’s check out 10 best Father’s Day gifts under $50 that we list below.
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