Some Habits for a Successful Muslim Adolescence

By: Hijab al faisal | Mar 12, 2014 The holy book of Muslims, Quran and the teaching of Holy Prophet (PBUH) always guide you and tells you that what are the habits you have to adopt?, in order to lead a successful life.

Why Islam Forbids From Indulging In Overeating

By: Hijab al faisal | Dec 30, 2013 Islam is not merely a religion full of dogmas and religious obligations, rather, it is a religion that believes in character building and presents the idea that if humans are to live in this temporary world, then they must live it in the best manner possible.

Islamic Concept Of Tawheed In Comparison With Beliefs of Other Religions

By: Hijab al faisal | Dec 19, 2013 From the teachings of Quran one can assess the fact that all the religions that Allah Almighty bestowed upon mankind before Islam also came with the concept of Tawheed, however, in the later years, the followers of these religions made amendments in the religion and started violating the concept of Oneness of Allah Almighty and added partners to Him.

Humans Beginning To Understand The Marvels Of Quran

By: Hijab al faisal | Dec 12, 2013 It is now that due to the help from science, humans are begging to understand the message in verses of Quran and the commandments that Prophet (PBUH) made in His hadiths.

The Essence Of Familial Obligations Presented By Islam

By: Hijab al faisal | Dec 6, 2013 Islam holds the fabric of society together by giving people their rights and obligations. The rights of one party are the obligation of the other; similarly, the obligations of others are the right of the first one.

The Human & Civil Rights of Women in Islam

By: Hijab al faisal | Nov 22, 2013 Man and woman according to the Islamic law are equal in their rights and have identical status in an Islamic society.

Some Easy Tips to Purify Your Heart

By: Hijab al faisal | Sep 25, 2013 It is important for the Muslims to purify their hearts from evil and fill love for Allah Almighty in their hearts. Then, the actions which are perform by them will also become righteous.

How To Ensure Safety When Taking Taxis

By: Daniel Thoo | Sep 10, 2013 Traveling through unfamiliar cities or taking a trip to a new destination can involve some hazards that savvy consumers should be aware of. Simple steps and habits could go a long way to ensure safety when far from home, and when taking taxis in travel spots.

9 Rewards For Quran Recitation

By: Hijab al faisal | Aug 6, 2013 The book of Allah is not like any other book, it is regarded as the timeless speech of Almighty Allah. This holy book deserves a careful study than any other book in the world. This holy book contains the teachings of Islam.

Find Great Catholic News Sites & Reconnect With Your Faith

By: Catholic Christian | May 9, 2013 Reconnect with your faith and support other believers by reading the latest news. There are some fantastic and inspirational catholic news sites to help you understand what is going on in different parts of the word - only one click away.
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