Election Talk: Find ways to allow a healthy mix of politics and productivity

By: ronntorossian | Jul 31, 2012 It's not uncommon for 33-year-old Ronn Torossian, the founder of PR firm 5W Public Relations, to overhear employees talking politics when he walks into his company's cafeteria.

Find Reliable Websites to get to know International Current News

By: Nitin Kaushik | Jun 28, 2012 To get update of international current news is a very important now a days.

Presidential Race 2012

By: John Matthew | Jun 28, 2012 Who is going to be our next president, we will know that within few months and right now all we can do is to make speculations . Here is the list of candidates for presidential election 2012. One of them is going to be the future President of India.

Are Killer Drones Over The USA Just A Matter Of Time

By: John Carpenter | Jun 7, 2012 Are killer drones over the USA just a matter of time? The awesome killing power, not to mention the the spy possibilities.

Campaign Slogans

By: jaifar | Jun 5, 2012 Slogans which convey some sorts of message or phrase to the public through the means of conducting a campaign are known as campaign slogans. Campaign slogans have their usage in many forms. Any political, military, advertisement or even anti discriminatory campaigns see such slogans in use.

Patna Hindi News Demand outshines other states

By: pooja rajput | May 30, 2012 News has evolved from the past decades, from a segment to a whole channel on the television.

Were Hillary Clinton's Delegates Stolen in 2008?

By: Terry Mitchell | May 24, 2012 During a recent online political discussion that I participated in, someone made the claim that some of Hillary Clinton's delegates were stolen by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2008. This person then went on to claim that this "theft" of delegates was the deciding factor in Clinton's loss of the Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama in 2008. But was this really the case?

Why the GOP Always Nominates Moderates for President

By: Terry Mitchell | May 24, 2012 Ever wondered why the Republican Party, which is supposedly very conservative, always seems to nominate moderates for president? Well, there is a reason for this, even though that same party generally nominates staunch conservatives for other elective offices, such mayors, state legislators, governors, U.S. Congressmen, and U.S. Senators. Republicans elected to those positions usually represent districts, cities, or states that are fairly conservative.

Presidential Politics Myth #1: The VP Choice Means Something

By: Terry Mitchell | May 24, 2012 During every presidential election cycle, a big deal is made over a party's nominee's decision about a running mate. This time around will be no exception. Many in the media have dubbed Mitt Romney the presumed GOP presidential nominee since with the withdrawal of his nearest opponent, Rick Santorum, from nomination race.

Afghanistan in the Throes of Nation Building and Military Build-up

By: Zaman Stanizai | May 22, 2012 Obama's recent trip to Afghanistan may have been shrouded in secrecy, but its timing speaks volumes through subconscious revelations about the eerie contradictions of the Afghan quagmire. The highlight of the visit was the signing of the strategic partnership agreement that extends the stay of American troops in Afghanistan until 2024. The agreement also thrashes Afghanistan's century-old neutrality by incorporating the Central Asian country into the Western fold as a "Major Non-NATO Ally."
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