World's Tallest Man Sultan Kosen Ties The Knot With 20-year-old Bride Merve Dibo

By: Rooney Shelton | Oct 29, 2013 The world's tallest man Sultan Kosen, who stands at a massive 8-foot-3 and is one of only ten people to grow above 8 feet, celebrated his wedding in the southern Turkish city of Mardin on Saturday (October 26, 2013). The 30-year-old farmer got married with his 20-year-old bride Merve Dibo, who stands at 5ft 8in tall.

Mistakes to avoid when looking for an engagement ring

By: Jose Gil Tecson | Aug 27, 2013 Instead of telling you what you should be looking for and considering when buying an engagement ring, it is often more beneficial to tell you what to avoid. By doing this you can make sure you avoid any monumental mistakes and that you don’t walk into any major red flags.

Get Inspired With Wedding Bouquet Images For The Big Day

By: Theresa Krug | Aug 17, 2013 Wedding bouquet is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning. The flowers or accents that should be used should match the theme of the wedding. But you can’t always have the flowers coincide with the theme of the wedding especially if you are doing a wedding in the winter as flowers are rare during winter season. You might just have to order from a different state of country and th

Top Five Tips For Your Wedding Photographers

By: Ritesh Kapoor | Jul 6, 2013 For your wedding, after selecting Your photographer and photographic styles as you want, it is important to schedule the recording that you want to capture, in addition to the picture perfect moments spontaneously.

Aaron Paul’s wedding: “Breaking Bad” star and Lauren Parsekian officially get married in Malibu

By: Neil Karen | May 29, 2013 “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul and his longtime girlfriend Lauren Parsekian officially tied the knot at the Cottage Pavilion in Malibu, California on Sunday (May 26, 2013). The happy couple were joined during their wedding by a host of celebrities such as Dita Von Teese, Bryan Cranston, Dean Norris, and Giancarlo Esposito, to name a few.

Making the right choices at rosen shingle creek wedding

By: MarkDonald | May 10, 2013 A humble hurricane lantern enclosed by a flowery garland is a beautiful idea. Votive in gorgeous containers are also top option for the occasion. Predominantly thought-provoking are pierced candelabrum’s in flamboyant glass with a Moroccan feel.

Wedding Invitations Keep It Creative And Innovative

By: Sidonie Luiza | Apr 8, 2013 These invitations play a vital role in the planning procedure of the wedding. This is the ideal platform for the groom and bride to reach to their list of guests.

Elegant Pink Bridesmaid Dresses For Wedding Celebration

By: Greese Dicken | Mar 28, 2013 Pink is considered the staple color for every girl. in each girl’s life, she must go through a stage where she has been crazy about and infatuated with the color of pink and even when she grows up, none can have enough of pink.

Tips to Avoid Rush while Choosing Christmas Party Venues

By: Sidonie Luiza | Mar 25, 2013 Availability of Various Themes: There are many wedding venues and other kinds of party venues found in around the world where a wide variety of all the modern facilities are easily available.

Selecting A Prefect Party Canopy Solution For Party Entertainment

By: Alex Jackson | Mar 25, 2013 The most important things for outside and garden occasion is the tent. The outdoor tent is a non permanent shelter made of adjustable linens and also covering up the framework of rods and ropes.
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