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Lulu Guinness designer handbags

By: lulu guinness | Nov 25, 2011 Every fashion conscious woman needs a luxury handbag in their lives this Christmas and what better brand of handbag to buy than Lulu Guinness? From adorable, small clutch handbags, and professional workbags, to chic, clutch handbags, there’s a bag that’s perfect for everyone at Christmas.

Luxury handbags by Lulu Guinness

By: lulu guinness | Nov 24, 2011 The designer handbags by Lulu Guinness are a fashionista’s choice. Not only are they both high-fashion and made from the most premium of materials, but they’re also designed by Lulu Guinness herself, therefore reflecting her style, passion and obvious love for fashion.

Bridesmaids dresses 101

By: Torri Myler | Nov 21, 2011 The army of ill-dressed bridesmaids can ruin the whole ceremony. Luckily, there are simple guidelines that will guarantee the spectacular looks of your bridal party.

Arthur Hammond: Baby Film Star - Internet Sensation with 50,000 Hits a Month (Pictures)

By: Mary Rose | Nov 15, 2011 With the aim of creating an album of Arthur’s greatest hits for when he’s old enough to appreciate the actual films, British mom and author Emily Cleaver has made her six-month-old baby Arthur Hammond become an internet sensation with baby film spoofs from his blog named “Arthur Creates Scenes From Classic Movies,”.

Women seeking men for friendship

By: Vijay Kumar | Oct 6, 2011 Friendship making has become very common in the present world. Many dating websites are available which provide these types of services which one can choose from. These websites have the provision to chat, find new friends etc. Many websites provide these services absolutely free of cost.

Kristen Stewart: Gorgeous on Glamour November 2011

By: John Stevens | Oct 3, 2011 Best known for her role in as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga and one of the most beautiful in Hollywood, Kristen Stewart keeps it cool in a Bottega Veneta strapless top on the November 2011 cover of Glamour magazine. Let’s check out the first-glimpse of the edition recently unveiled.

How Barbie Subtly Changes Us

By: Cheri Nugent | Sep 13, 2011 Society's introduction to Barbie conditions us to wish for "perfection" in ourselves as women. In the beginning, when women's rights were not recognized, Barbie was white, blonde and blue eyed there were no black Barbies. She has evolved to have many careers and assets.

Makeup Tips for Moms

By: Anna Thomson | Sep 9, 2011 Always moisturize your skin before applying your makeup in the morning. To make this fast, you will find a good moisturizer that will double as a lip moisturizer. Add a small amount to fingertips and gently apply it to your entire face area. This process takes less than 15 seconds and you'll feel better.

The Eye Makeup Tips

By: Anna Thomson | Aug 30, 2011 Your face of three major organs eyes, nose and mouth is put together, these organs form the features of your face. If you want to look good on make-up you need to pay special attention to the eyes. This is because your eyes the first to realize what people mean when you look at them and they could look at you, this is how the first contact is made. However, only the application of the normal makeu

How to Get the Perfect Goth Look

By: Anna Thomson | Aug 30, 2011 The Goth culture centers heavily on appearances. From their clothing to their accessories, hair and makeup all of these come into play when you try to get a Goth look that does not look perfect are cheesy.
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