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Free Anti-Aging Tips

By: Anna Thomson | Aug 30, 2011 Concerned about the aging of the skin? Is not everyone once they pass 30 something? We have our top 12 recommendations for a healthy younger looking skin that does not cost you a fortune and are set completely natural and nontoxic.

Why to Choose Permanent Makeup

By: Anna Thomson | Aug 29, 2011 Permanent makeup is a somewhat older type of technology that has continued to stick. Permanent Make-up classes to teach those who put the tattoo ink on the face, as if she's make-up looks. While some people may permanent makeup as a technology for those who are lazy, it seems, are those who take permanent make-up classes to not know that they are of those who are not in a position to make-up on co

Persian Inspired Make-up Look

By: Anna Thomson | Aug 26, 2011 Persians for more than its rich history and rich culture of the Indo-Iranian persuasion are known, they are known for their rarities in modern and contemporary art. Persians are also known, of course, her make-up.

Makeup for The Monsoon Season

By: Anna Thomson | Aug 26, 2011 Similar to dinosaurs and humans were monsoons and makeup coexist never thought .. If they do, it is not pretty.Who wears eye make-up that has been caught in a sudden downpour, you know that mascara melts at the first sign of moisture, leaving behind a trail of black stripes in its wake. Charcoal spots proliferate. not in fashion "smoky eye" style, but ugly "just punched in the eye" style.

Tahitian Pearl Earrings are Amazing in Quality

By: Editor123 | Aug 26, 2011 Pearls are the true picture of elegance and the icon of classic beauty. Tahitian Pearls are unique because of the mollusk they are grown in, which is known to have a black-lipped shell.

Paris Hilton: famous for being famous

By: Emma Murphy | Jan 4, 2011 Paris Hilton was born in New York on February 17, 1981. Being the eldest amongst her three other siblings, Paris was born to be successful and wealthy. She is well-known for her controversial appearances and legal incidents. She appeared on the television series "The Simple Life", some minor film roles and her 206 music album “Paris”. This socialite, media personality, model, singer, fashion designer, and actress declined proclaiming herself as the “iconic blonde of the decade”. Paris Hilton has become somewhat of a bad girl and had to reform her reputation. No matter what happens, she continues to be one of the most famous young actresses in Hollywood.
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