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If E.T. (the Extra-Terrestrial) chose Earth to visit, which countries would they like? This is still a mysterious question to many scientists. Thanks to TV and films, many people believe that aliens visit the U.S. almost exclusively, but this is simply not true. UFOs have been spotted right around the world from Orkney to Auckland and Panama to Pyongyang. Here are a few of alien's favorite landing sites.

After the tsunami in Indian Ocean in 2004, many UFOs was said to appear in Indonesia.

There is evident that aliens like the memorial constructions. Like all other tourists, the aliens can not help exploring the pyramids and remains while visiting Mexico.

Approximately 5 - 10% Americans claimed they had ever seen unidentified flying objects (UFOs). America also has many reports of aliens that have kidnapped human.

In 2007, the French government decided to unveil the documents on UFOs.

Brazilian Air Force announced a series of UFO information. However, it's hard to believe in claims that their fighters had stopped 20 UFOs.

World War II was the first time UFO appeared in Germany.

In 2009, the Russian Navy's report revealed that from Soviet times they had seen strange objects. It was reported that UFO covered Russian submarines, making it float and soar.

Canada witnessed a UFO flying over the U.S.- Canada border.

Did China and aliens coexist in peace thousands of years ago?

In 2008, British Defence Minister announced a 4000-page report on UFOs which had been classified long ago.



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Alien's favourite landing sites

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This article was published on 2010/05/21
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