Animals Possess Scary Names

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While Vampire bats and Tasmanian devils are great disasters to other kinds of animals, Frankenfish are not as scary as their name. It\'s necessary to have a explanation why animals owning scary names may or may not be fierce to human and animal life. For example, Frankenfish (or horror fish) are called basing on the name of Victor Frankenstein, a fictional character of 1818 novel Frankenstein. They are salmons with gene transfer, thus those salmons are not listed in animal categories. Until now, Frankenfish have not been recognized by science; they are just called AquAdvantage by AquAdvantage company in America. Due to being gene transferred, Frankenfish are two times bigger than ordinary salmons. Let\'s have a look at the most typical animals possessing scary names as follows.

Natural History Museum has found Vampire squid, or called Dracula fish, or Danionella dracula in a stream in Myanmar. Danionella dracula is about 15-25 cm long, called Vampire squid due to possessing 2 fearsome-looking fangs. These two fangs are often used to take blood of enemies in battles.

Danionella dracula

Danionella dracula is said to be among the most extraordinary vertebrates discovered in the last few decades.

The Tasmanian devil is a kind of carnivorous animal of the family Dasyuridae. A Tasmanian devil has the size of a small dog with the average length of 0.6m and the weight of 12kg. Despite slowly moving, Tasmanian devil can run only 13 km per hour in a short distance. At present, Tasmanian devil is in danger of extinction due to a spreading-out cancer.

Kiwa hirsuta is about 15 cm long, and covered will full of setae mainly covering its pereiopods. As a member of the crab family, the Kiwa hirsuta is called basing on the name of Kiwa - “goddess of shellfish” and Hirsuta - “hairy”. Those setaes help Yeti crab to catch or kill preys.

Kiwa hirsuta

Kiwa hirsuta is the scientific name of Yeti crab found in the bottom of Pacific in 2005.

Being different with other weird animals, Vampire bats can live up to nine years in the wild environment. Vampire bats mainly live on the blood of mammals including humans. However, they do not absorb blood, they just grab the meat and lick blood running from wounds.

Vampire bat

Vampire bats can run up to 7.9 km per hour to attack any warm-blooded animal.

Due to being gene transferred, Frankenfish have not been recognized as a kind of fish by science; thus they are just called AquAdvantage by AquAdvantage company in America. Frankenfish are not as scary as their name. 


Frankenfish is good for human health and environment.



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Animals Possess Scary Names

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This article was published on 2011/01/04
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