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Simon Konecki: Adele’s New Boyfriend is CEO of Drop 4 Drop (Pictures)

By: John Stevens | Jan 11, 2012 After experiencing heartbreak in her life, the British singer Adele is in love again. Adele was seen cuddling up, hugging and smooching with her new boyfriend, Simon Konecki, on holiday at the Everglades National Park near Miami, Florida on Monday, 9 January 2012. The singer has cancelled all remaining gigs on her recent tour due to a recent throat condition; however, the love life has brought a smile to Adele's beautiful face. The couple spent time going on an alligator spotting tour on an airboat and then hugging by the side of the river.

World’s Bizarre and Expensive Auctions

By: Zidane Randall | Dec 5, 2010 Auctions are intended to push up the price of items via real-time competitive bidding; thus, someone can offer several of high prices for such items. However, some of the items at auctions are unexpectedly sold beyond expectation. Here is the list of most bizarre and expensive auctions in the world.
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