Copyright Law applies to T-Shirt Designing

By: Jassica Rich | Jan 11, 2012 When you hire an artist to create a design for you, you own the product designed once the art work is complete but not the copyright to the design- it still remains the artist’s property as it is his creativity. An authority must be granted by the artist in writing to claim that the copyright has been transferred as well.

Copyright Infringer -Employer or Employee?

By: Jassica Rich | Jan 10, 2012 When a piece of work faces plagiarism and the infringer is an employee or a hired contractor, the employer is held responsible for this act. Hence, he is liable of punishment for the violation of the Copyright Law.

Avoiding Copyright Infringement when making a Website

By: Jassica Rich | Jan 9, 2012 Copyright has become very essential now with increasing plagiarism. But copyright law has some specifications and complications associated with it which makes seeking professional help necessary. The copyright lawyers help their client in understanding the problem better and finding a good solution.

Google and Copyright Theft

By: Jassica Rich | Jan 5, 2012 Most internet users are familiar with the term “Google Slap” where Google accuses other parties of infringing its copyrights but this article tells you about Google being accused of intellectual theft- “Google Slapped”!

Copyright Infringement and its Consequences

By: Jassica Rich | Jan 3, 2012 The author or creator of every original work that is tangible in nature has every right over his project. If this work is reproduced, altered, exhibited, broadcasted or made public in other way without the consent of the owner, it is considered violation of the legal and moral rights of the author.

Is Technology helping Piracy?

By: Jassica Rich | Jan 3, 2012 With the increasing technology and increasingly advanced programs adding up every day on the internet, it has become impossible to stop or discourage plagiarism. Technology has apparently become the greatest hindrance in implying copyright laws at the moment.

Need of copyrighting for bloggers

By: Jassica Rich | Dec 29, 2011 Bloggers generally want their message to spread across the internet. If you are a blogger and write good content, you must have copied your work and other people across the internet must be copying it too.

Outdated copyrights

By: Jassica Rich | Dec 28, 2011 I have always been interested in do it yourself plans and worked upon searching for these. Before the internet was commonly used, I searched books and magazines for the same. I discovered many copies of old magazines like Mechanix Illustrated, Science and Mechanics and many others of the kind offered lots of such do it yourself plans.

Moral Rights of an Author

By: Jassica Rich | Dec 22, 2011 The following article states some general information about the moral rights a copyright law provides to the author of a particular piece of copyrightable work. This is not legal or expert advice and for more specific information a professional copyright lawyer should be contacted.

Information Of Copyright and Trademark

By: Jassica Rich | Dec 19, 2011 In general, lots of people confuse the words “Copyright” and “Trademark”. They do not know how to copyright or rather, trademark their logo, blogs or business names. The word copyright has been used alongside trademark to make things a little easier to understand.
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