Why to get Copyright Registration?

By: Jassica Rich | Nov 4, 2011 For creative professionals, it is very important that whatever they write or create, it should be copyright protected. Original works of authorship such as literary (articles, periodicals, books, compilations including computer and databases and tables), cinematographic, artistic and sound recording can be protected by copyright.

Copyright Protection for your music and songs

By: Jassica Rich | Nov 3, 2011 Copyright protection is a necessary step that should not be avoided by entrepreneurs. However, there are some common misunderstandings that need to be addressed before engaging copyright services. Foremost amongst these is that getting your work copyright protected has little to with the copyright office.

The Phenomenal Role of Calgary Lawyers

By: Gulraiz23 | Oct 29, 2011 When it comes to the role of the Calgary lawyers, please take into account that it is very decisive and clear cut before one and all. These lawyers are thoroughly professional and dedicated law experts in providing you the best law solutions in line with your own needs and requirements cost effectively.

Engaging Attorneys for Copyright and Patent

By: Jassica Rich | Oct 26, 2011 The term “copyright” is not difficult to understand by laymen but many people are not cognizant with copyright law and patent. You will need to consult an attorney to assist you in completing the paperwork for the protection of your patented or copyrighted material.

Computer Software for Copyright Protection

By: Jassica Rich | Oct 24, 2011 Computer software has entered a new dimension with the start of the third millennium. It caters to a broader segment of technological needs. Computer software comprises of three types, programming software, system software and application software.

Patent Registration and its Renewal

By: jeffry | Sep 15, 2011 In this modern era fraudulent cases are so common. So, inventors need to go for patent registration. An experienced patent registration lawyer must be hired to protect your invention from any sort of external misuse.

Understanding Patent Litigation

By: jeffrey a joy | Sep 13, 2011 Patent litigation broadly refers to the legal work that ensues following an infringement of copyright. In simple words, when a person puts a patent or exclusive ownership tag on a product or service, anybody using that product for his own advantage without seeking prior permission causes a direct violation of law.
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