Devastating Nature Disasters in 2011

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2011 is a year of natural disasters. From Japan’s terrible earthquake to Australia’s flood, from Iowa’s tornado to Brazil’s mudslide, such wake up of nature cause serious damage to both human loss and economy development.


Japan – Earthquake (8.9) and Tsunami – March 11, 2011

Friday’s magnitude 9 earthquake which sent along a devastating tsunami was erasing many prefectures in northeastern coast of Japan. An estimated of 350,000 people were homeless while at least 10,000 were dead and other 12,000 are still missing. Electricity, telecommunications and fresh water are unavailable for Japanese residents. More importantly, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was enormously damaged and caused a catastrophic meltdown.

Tsunami is approaching Japan

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant


New Zealand Christ Church – Earthquake – Feb 22 2011

On Tuesday February 22 2011, a powerful 6.3-magnitude quake hit Christchurch - New Zealand’s second-largest city. Reportedly, at least 65 people are dead in the “darkest day” of the country. The massive earthquake caused great damage, injuries and left thousands in shocking panic.

A general view of damaged building after an earthquake

A car is crushed outside the Christchurch Catholic Cathedral


Australia – Flood – Jan 10 2011

Australian state of Queensland and Australia's third-biggest city Brisbane were hit by a “complete freak of nature” in January 2011. The extraordinary deluge came from almost nowhere and killed at least 10 people in one day and left 78 missing. The slow-motion disaster is also described as Queensland’s “darkest hour”.

Flood in Australian state of Queensland

Flood in Australian state of Queensland


Brazil – Mudslide – Jan 17 2011

Rain began falling in Brazil’s mountain towns in Friday that sent the deadly mudslides to three cities north of Rio. 479 were killed just over night which turns the mudslide into one of Brazil’s deadliest natural disasters on record.

The mudslides destroyed all roads and all remote areas were isolated

Hundreds of rescuers were called for the rescue efforts.


Iowa – Tornadoes – April 9 2011

A large tornado flattened the small town of Iowa in Mapleton last weekend. No serious injuries were reported but 60 percent of houses had been damaged and 20% percent of houses were flatted.

Tornado in Iowa

Tornado in Iowa



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Devastating Nature Disasters in 2011

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