Sluggish domestic demand and capital outflows bring about more internal risk to Asia

By: jessicaaugus | Aug 2, 2012 The rush that the Asian economies have to undergo do not merely come from the outside world, while the more and more serious dependence on internal demand may become the Achilles’ heel for the economy in Asia.

Brazil Will Expand Power Industry in Future Ten Years

By: DSMATERIAL | May 21, 2012 "In the future ten years, Brazil will expand the scale of power industry. The investment scale will be equal to 2.6 percent of the current gross domestic product", said Ventura, the vice minister of Brazil mining and energy.

Argentine Government Halting Oil Growth at Home?

By: MKP | May 17, 2012 Argentina's government has been taking steps "necessary" to recover state control to keep profits in Argentina while others view the changes as disdain towards foreign investment.

How far is China from the six standards for being an economic power

By: daweidai | May 16, 2012 Recently, the Financial Information Daily published an article written by Dr. Zhang Yugui from Shanghai University of Finance. As to the standards of a world economic powers, probably these can be valued from six benchmarks. When China been compared to them, it has reached some, but in core benchmark of the characterization of economic power, the gap is still very sharp.

How Can We Change the Status Quo?

By: Nancy Anderson | May 5, 2012 Are you frustrated with our current economy? Are you a job seeker unable to find a job? How do you think we change our current status?

After 19 years China will enter into the "high-income society"?

By: jessicaaugus | Apr 18, 2012 The World Bank and the State Council Development Research Center have co-authored a report looking forward to 2030 with a loud title: China in 2030: the construction of a modern, harmonious, creative and high-income society. "High-income society" opinion can touch people.

Apple’s Newest Product

By: ayii yuan | Apr 17, 2012 The newest release of Apple has been the talk of the tech world ever since its rumored release on April 2010.

China's economy: Do you know the challenges and possibilities?

By: alanlambert | Apr 11, 2012 The concept of China's massive injection of capitals has created results. Critical infrastructure and social housing projects happen to be apply quickly. Large government subsidies have assisted a lot of industrial facilities to keep. However, low-cost credit and also the increase of investment funds also have triggered harmful bubbles in tangible estate sector along with other assets.

India News for the Hindi Speaking Belt

By: nehakhatri | Apr 2, 2012 Hindi samachar caters to so many people in our country. This is the language which has become the most popular one, not the least reason for which is the fact that this is the national language of India.

Hindi Samachar for Each and Everybody

By: nehakhatri | Apr 2, 2012 Hindi Samachar is read by everybody in this vast country of ours and this has to do with the high popularity of the Hindi language in our country.
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