British media: China's anti-inflation experience is worth to learn from

By: jessicaaugus | Mar 29, 2012 According to an article in British "Financial Times" website, Beijing has given a lesson to the central banks of all countries.There has ever been a widespread concern that the Chinese economic might get a hard landing, but on the contrary, China has made those countries who do not see its bright future disappointed.

UK Economist journal viewed Sri Lanka as model democracy in 1977 - then entered Reaganomics

By: Wendell | Mar 29, 2012 For the sixth time since it became independent in 1948, Sri Lanka has changed its government by the simple but, it seemed until recently, increasingly unfashionable method of holding a general election. The island that used to be known as Ceylon is one of the few countries in post-imperial Asia which have been able to create a democratic system; it is the only one which has known an orderly alternation of ruling parties.

The Food Deal between North Korea and United States

By: pooja rajput | Mar 26, 2012 United States following the program of supplying foods and other help to the countries who are malnourished and under the real threat of getting malnourished has decided to go on a talk with North Korea. North Korean communist government is trying to get the aid so as to make the people get food which is not self sufficient.

How does the world benefit from Chinese accession to WTO?

By: timsmith | Mar 23, 2012 China provides a wide range of market access opportunities for Foreign Service providers including the financial services, telecommunications, construction, distribution, logistics, tourism, education, etc. Among the 160 sub-sectors in the trade classification of The World Trade Organization, China has opened up to 100 sectors, and the open range is close to average in the developed countries.

Economic Dictatorship: Where did World Trillionaires find their Trillions!

By: mardini | Mar 22, 2012 Few trillionaires in the world today control world's riches and wealth. They hoard and treasure their riches and invest to make more wealth and more riches. These wealth monopolizers are directly responsible for depriving the peoples of the world of their own share in national and private riches.

Australia's Influence on CSG and Global Markets

By: MKP | Mar 20, 2012 Australia's exploration for CSG has been in progress since 1976, but it was only in 1996 that production began. Disputes about CSG at home are often reiterated around the world, the current exploration and production taking place in Australia has affected domest and gloabl narkets.

Reflection on being the first in the world

By: jessicaaugus | Mar 19, 2012 This demonstrates that the international financial crisis has forced the developed countries to re-exam their domestic industrial structure, to explore economic revival entities road, and to encourage high-end manufacturing to remain in the country, and even from withdraw from the abroad.

British media: what will China get t in return by aiding the euro zone?

By: anniecarrey | Mar 15, 2012 An article published in the British Financial Times talked about the issue as what China can get if it provides aid to the euro zone. One of the motivations may be that China hopes that RMB can be included into IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR). However, some experts hold that there is a long way to go if China wants to achieve its goal.

The Standard Model of particle physics; there’s plenty of room at the bottom

By: Tina Reeves | Mar 15, 2012 Towards the end of the 1970s, a theory was postulated. The Standard Model as it was called, concerned with the forces and the interaction dynamics with other elementary particles. Because of its success in explaining a wide variety of experimental results, the Standard Model is sometimes regarded as a theory of everything.

The baby brains used to make computers smarter

By: admin | Mar 14, 2012 Cognitive scientists hope to bottle up a baby's brain — and the imagination and air of possibility that comes with it — and use the result to make computers smarter.
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