Make our planet happy on Earth Day

By: pooja rajput | Sep 13, 2013 On April 22th, Earth day has been celebrated since a very long time. In the year 1970 the environmentalist movement declared the Earth day for the first time.

Elements of sustainability

By: S kirti | Jul 4, 2013 To the untrained person, sustainability sounds a lot like going back to an industry-free time in the stone ages and giving up everything modern and relevant to the times.

Find A Consultant Who Can Help With A Social Impact Assessment

By: Jim Dwarf | Jun 13, 2013 In the modern world it is important that all possible stakeholders are considered when a big project is being implement. There are expert consults that can conduct a social impact assessment and develop plans for community engagement.

Sharpened Solar - Solar Electricity Company

By: sr.savaj | May 21, 2013 As the earth looks to substitute gas solutions to save your self the setting and cash, solar power has arrived at the lead. Pointed solar is called one of the major makers.

How Hemp Could End Our Dependence on Fossil Fuels

By: Sam Jones | Mar 27, 2013 This article discusses hemp, and how it has the potential to completely release us of our dependence on fossil fuels for energy, and drastically reduce the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere.

The Reasons Why No Sort of Indemnity Can Struggle Versus Natural Disaster?

By: may jewels | Feb 2, 2013 Research shows that a water surge in coastal along with river places will be the most regularly been through natural disasters and are usually significantly occurring in any transient time compared to any other disasters.

Basic Difference between Adhesive Tapes and Sealants

By: Daniel A Mathew | Feb 2, 2013 Adhesive tapes and sealants are not the same as they are thought to be! Many a time people get confused with “binding” and “sealing”. Here are some of the visible and invisible differences.

Removing Weeds in an Environment Friendly Manner

By: lbblanket | Oct 12, 2012 Unnecessary plants and flowers also known as weeds can ruin the beauty of any place including the water bodies. It also leads to environmental problems and such water can cause several diseases. Hence it is important to clear out the extra weeds before they become a problem.

Taking Care of Environment and Water Bodies

By: lbblanket | Oct 12, 2012 Weeds in water bodies not only depreciate its appearance and surrounding area but also affect the balance of life inside it that is the flora and the fauna.However, the excess of weeds can lead to the misbalance and here is when a Pond Weed Control system is required.

Organic Cotton May Be the Future of Clothing and So Much More

By: Rubel Zaman | Jul 21, 2012 Cotton has long been a major source for clothing manufacture and a popular choice even today. The addition of polyester as in combinations of 60% polyester and 40% cotton has become the preferred mixture due to the fact the polyester helps make the material more wrinkle resistant and easier to retain the color or whiteness with which the material began.
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