Effects of Global Warming in Harlington, TX

By: Elena Villareal | May 3, 2012 Global warming has been a prominent issue in the world court for some time now. Countries around the world have taken different approaches to dealing with the massive pollution and other attributing actors to the rising temperature of the Earth, including the United States. The truth is that global warming affects us all, no matter where we live. In fact, in some places global warming can already

Black Bears in the Magnolia State

By: Christopher L Eger | May 2, 2012 In 1902, no less of great game hunter and sportsman than President Theodore Roosevelt stalked around the marsh and cane breaks of Sharkey County near the town of Rolling Fork. His game was Ursus americanus, commonly known as the black bear.

Community Energy - Who doesn’t want a cleaner, greener future?

By: David J Wedge | May 2, 2012 Many community groups are working together to find sustainable energy solutions for the residents in their area. Schools, local businesses and all manner of community groups are investing in energy related opportunities and technologies. They are forging links between different facets of society and across a variety of locations, where energy creation and supply is in the hands of the local commu

The Underground Bout

By: Jared Ingram | May 2, 2012 Though they do not mix together, oil and water will forever clash with each other, especially in underground scenarios. Heavy rainfall will surely result to underground oil tank leaks, specifically in towns and cities that have a lot of oil containers stored beneath the grounds.

Burnaby Oil Tanks Vs. Rainfall

By: Jared Ingram | May 2, 2012 The amount of rain that is said to fall on Burnaby this year will greatly affect the oil tanks tucked underneath the soil. This will result to underground oil tank leaks that will be very dangerous to human health. Burnaby residents must start searching for companies that can help them with the removal of their oil tanks, but without having to spend too much.

Greenest Cities of the World

By: Neil Karen | Feb 23, 2010 What are the reasons to choose cities the "greenest?" Would you like to visit a city with no fossil-fueled cars allowed? Global warming is a burning issue in the world, and how can we learn from the g

Top Polluters in the World

By: Phillips Crook | Feb 19, 2010 Nowadays pollution which is a serious and burning environmental problem comes from many factors, especially human’s activities like industrial parks, daily lives, wastes, and so on. Therefore, polluti
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