Gemini Horoscope 2014: Love & Career Forecasts for New Year

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Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. The Gemini-born have communication skills, curiosity and cleverness as their strongest traits. They love to talk and supremely develop their relationships. Those born under this sign can easily see both sides of an issue but they can be wishy-washy, too. If you are a Gemini, 2014 brings a lot of opportunities to enhance your knowledge and intellectual competence. There might be also a chance for financial reward.

Let’s find out your yearly Gemini horoscopes for 2014.

Gemini Love Forecasts 2014

Love can be passionate and all-consuming this year. If you are single, you may meet someone who makes your heart skip a beat in the first half of 2014. You will fall in love easily and probably with a deeply inappropriate person. If you are married, you may yearn for the days when you were newly in love and free from responsibilities. In fact, May is when the romantic sparks should be flying.

Gemini Career & Money Forecasts 2014

2014 could be one of your most lucrative years as concerns money. The first half of the year will be very active and could be very profitable. Especially, until July, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and good luck, will help you make money and increase your assets. However, there can be unexpected expenses. Avoid making financial decisions in January. 2014 is also the year when you will be able to make progress as regards the career.

Gemini Health Forecasts 2014

Health is an issue that is worth of attention in 2014. If you are a woman, there is a special warning as regards pregnancy and children that will be under the influence of Mars in the first half of 2014. It implies risks of spontaneous abortion. It can also generate all sorts of worries related to children. You should take vitamins and minerals, have good life hygiene as well as spare yourself.

(Photo credit: Creatrix Photography)

(Photo credit: Creatrix Photography)

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Gemini Horoscope 2014: Love & Career Forecasts for New Year

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