Intellectual property

The Best Way To Serve A Section 21 Notice

By: Jimmy Johns | Aug 5, 2013 An eviction procedure is not necessarily straightforward, giving a section 21 notice is one area which demands a good understanding before it is done. A property owner would like to ensure that the eviction will go faultlessly,

Important point to consider while appointing a private investigator

By: Martin Joy | Oct 25, 2012 When you need private investigator then it becomes your duty to first survey the market. Since these services have become accessible to the business people worldwide and it is very difficult to select a good investigator of your choice for assigning a task.

Why businesses should seek legal property advice and services

By: A McKie | Aug 2, 2012 When it comes to property, whether an individual or a business owns it, it is always a good idea to seek legal advice before taking any actions that may potentially cause long-term issues.

Types of Divorce Property Settlement

By: Joel Johnson | Jun 2, 2012 Divorce property settlement is among the most commonly seen legal problems in family law. It has been seen that with the change in our society, the institute of marriage is also changing and it often leaves a large amount of pain and complications in its wake.

Steps of Settlement of Property Disputes in Australia

By: Joel Johnson | May 30, 2012 Property disputes generally tend to get very ugly and create rifts between families. In Australia, family courts have a four step method of resolving such property disputes. Here’s how these property disputes are approached by the family courts in Australia.

Ending the tale of Hassle Bill Payment

By: Irene Stewart | May 21, 2012 All of the culprits stated, are not culprits unsolutionable. The magic answer to every single piece of the dilemma is the billing software.

Lawyers’ Sweet Escape From Downfall

By: Irene Stewart | May 21, 2012 Financial management and organizing principals for a particular business is a very different game for lawyers, even if the practiced profession would involve banking and finances. It would obviously take time for them learning and adjusting to the possible hiccups they have to face if they will pursue putting up their own legal firm or business without asking help from professionals.

Managing the unmanageable for Law Office/Firms Management

By: Irene Stewart | May 21, 2012 All the lawyers who have the same trouble as what have mentioned, should only grab their computers and key in

How An Intellectual Property Lawyer Can Help With Copyright Protection

By: John Tyler | May 21, 2012 Unfortunately, intellectual property (or IP as it is sometimes known) is an area of law that is constantly changing, meaning that lawyers who work primarily in this area have to always be on their toes.

Choose Thailand property law site for property ownership in Thailand

By: Buying a property in Thailand | May 17, 2012 Thailand is one of the most miraculous and exotic locations in the whole world. It is highly desirable tourist destination that continues to draw new arrivals each year and inspire them to visit again and again.
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