Intellectual property

Providing vital legal support when it is needed most

By: A McKie | May 1, 2012 When wanting to choose leading solicitors in Altrincham who have helped a considerable number of people with overcoming a wide range of disputes that threatened their property or possessions, help is at hand.

Solicitors who can assist with civil litigation

By: A McKie | May 1, 2012 When a business dispute is brought against a company, this can have a serious impact on its ability to trade or continue providing a high-quality service to customers.

No Double Allotment of Flats: Bombay High Court

By: Santosh Kumar | Apr 30, 2012 A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by activist Ketan Tirodkar alleged that there are many allottees who have been allotted second flat in the name of a spouse or family members of the allottee.

What services an intellectual property law firms provide?

By: Adli law | Apr 19, 2012 Usually, Law firms specialized in handling intellectual property cases assist their clients in determining the new creations and protect it from the misuse by others whether deliberately or unintentionally.

Trejo Law Corporation: Megaupload and Politicized Lawsuits

By: Trejo Lawyer | Apr 13, 2012 Megaupload has been subjected to a lawsuit by Microhits due to copyright infringement.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers: How they can help you

By: Nilsson Cruz | Apr 12, 2012 Generally, there are so many things that could go wrong with any transaction. But, with commercial real estate, whether you are the buyer or the seller, the chances are a lot higher.

Qualifications of getting the service of Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

By: Nilsson Cruz | Apr 12, 2012 Nowadays, pewadays, people from different walks of life have already heard and by any chance have the idea of hiring professional legal representative services in the real estate operation development.

Essential things to remember in getting a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

By: Nilsson Cruz | Apr 12, 2012 Commercial real estate lawyers can give valuable cost saving assistance in financing, advice to buyers and sellers, and be required to be closing for title in specific states.

Things that should be considered before leasing a commercial real estate

By: Nilsson Cruz | Apr 10, 2012 For any investor new-fangled or knowledgeable one, when you invest in a commercial property you really want to make sure that it will maintain its worth for a longer period of time. No disturbances on the in and out of financial expenses that it would really work out as you have planned it. Definitely, it is really important to choose the right commercial property especially if you are planning to

Is partnership agreement legal contract?

By: Robert Mark | Apr 4, 2012 Partnership agreement is a legally binding contract. Partnership agreement involves two or more co-owners( up to a 20) participating together in a business with an intention to make and share profits, and an understanding that these co-owners act on behalf of each other in the business.
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