Intellectual property


By: Terrence | Feb 29, 2012 Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks player, one of the most popular NBA stars recently, has caught everyone’s attention, which means large commercial value. So some “trademark squatting”want to trademark his name. Unfortunately they will lose their money. But what's the result if they are in China?

Patent Opposition in India

By: EffectualServices | Feb 18, 2012 Any person can file an Indian Patent resistance for grant of patent after the application has been published as per the prescribed procedure under Indian patent law.

Get your Law Problems Solved with a Nassau County Lawyer

By: Article Manager | Feb 4, 2012 While looking out for a Nassau County Lawyer, it is important to assure yourself for his whereabouts. Though each of those law practitioners are highly educated, experienced, and possess piercing acumen, but whether they are fit to defend your specific case in the court is essential to confirm.

Are you looking for the best California estate planning?

By: Busywills | Jan 13, 2012 If you live in California and know that it is soon to be your time to go, you will want to look into California estate planning for yourself and your family.

Are you looking for a revocable trust California lawyer?

By: Busywills | Jan 13, 2012 If you have something that is very important to you and you want to make sure that it is safe, you must give the trusts lawyers so that your assets are protected area while you are living

Ensure the security of your loved ones with the assistance of estate planning lawyer

By: Busywills | Dec 22, 2011 A common misconception among people is that will planning is for the affluent class.

Energy Performance Certificate in Relation to UK Property

By: carina coronel | Dec 9, 2011 The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was initially released in England and Wales on 1 August 2007 for domestic properties along with the now obsolete Home Information Packs (HIPs). Although HIPs ended as a qualification in May 2010 the need for EPCs continued, and from October 2008 rental properties were likewise required to get a certificate for any new tenancy agreement. These new regulation

IPR Law Firm providing Legal Services at Affordable Price in India

By: AMIT SINGH | Nov 14, 2011 A law firm in India gives all possible legal services and solutions to clients. The clients can get help in any kind of issues related to law or legal. Find services for arbitrations disputes resolutions and intellectual property right.

The Rising Need For Patent Registration

By: Jessica Thomson | Oct 29, 2011 What is a Patent? Most of the cosmetics come with a word marked on the bottle that says Patent. So what is patent? Patent can be defined as a form of intellectual property where a group of exclusive rights are guaranteed to the inventor of a particular product or to the company representing for a limited period of time by the sovereign state.

Convenient Methods To Discover Who Owns This House

By: Nadine Swan | Oct 28, 2011 There are many ways to know who owns this house, in the past, you need to go in the government offices in order to find out the owner of a certain house. However, due to the fast pace innovation of the modern technology world, you may now have solution to your problem at the comfort of your own home. There are varieties of ways on how to find out who owns this house
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