Internet law

Electronic Discovery Explained

By: Bradley Morton | Jun 16, 2012 Electronic discovery is the investigation of electronic data for the purpose of providing evidence in a civil or criminal court. Considered to be different from printed evidence, electronic discovery is sometimes referred to by those within the field as Litigation Support.

Google kills 1.2 million search results in a month

By: Matthew Galea Debono | May 31, 2012 Due to high level of content copied without website's permission, Google offers the opportunity to have the replica removed from its search listings. From a legal perspective, this is done through the enforcement of copyright. Copyright laws practically everywhere in the world provide for this sort of situation and have now allowed companies like Google to give copyright owners their due by ensuring that these infringing websites are not found through the search engine.

Spend for Quality Law Practice Management Software

By: Irene Stewart | May 16, 2012 One can make use of the law office management software up to the utmost manner it can be. But being practiced in a different game might be too risky for a lawyer to utilize most of the features offered. Mostly, only the billing, tasking and calendar functions of the legal software are used.

What is Electronic Discovery

By: Bradley Morton | May 10, 2012 Are you wondering what electronic discovery is all about? Here are some more details about this new development in the legal industry.

Ediscovery and its Relationship with the Legal Process

By: Bradley Morton | Apr 20, 2012 With the rapid technological advancements happening in society today, several areas of the economy, and how they used to function have changed. Many of these have been affected so much that they cannot even be recognized from their former look. Others have transformed for the better whereas others have become extinct. The legal process is just one of the industries that have benefitted from the ad

Wise approach can save your family

By: Steve mich | Apr 17, 2012 Family is the smallest institution in any society and it is the basic constituent of any society. It is necessary to have healthy family relations to have a healthy society.

According to Court of Appeals, Winners Will Still Need to Bear Majority of E-Discovery Costs

By: Bradley Morton | Mar 30, 2012 In most civil suits, the party that wins is entitled to get back certain costs. Many have wondered how this would work when it comes to e-discovery.

Irreparable loss without confidential agreement

By: Robert Mark | Mar 29, 2012 It is also known as non disclosure agreement (NDA). NDA provides the legal shelter to secret information. NDA binds the recipient to not disclose the secret information. NDA develops the mutual trust between the parties.

How effective is divorce coaching in Collaborative Divorce?

By: divorce | Mar 20, 2012 The key purpose of a divorce coaching is to assist clients in constructing a settlement that is satisfactory in nature in an entirely well organized manner and that saves valuable time and money. It facilitates mutual aid and respect effective in enabling a harmless proceeding. Well-being of both the parties and children, if any, is the primary goal in the any divorce coaching.

Klipsch headphones

By: doris blair | Feb 28, 2012 Once building these kinds of costly purchase, it is possible to invest even more to obtain gadgets to support the idea keep on being, since fresh because the moment a person obtained the idea Once acquiring this specific modern in addition to excellent little bit of technologies through Apple mackintosh, you will be dealing with that concern in the sorts of Macbook gadgets you simply must repair
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