NEWS - The Connecting Point of the World

By: krunal jain | Feb 28, 2013 News is the thing which connects world today. News not only educates the people but also is a means for the posterity to learn from the past mistakes, and hence it becomes critically important that news is documented, everyone likes to read well documented news. Though there are many people who believe everything that a news agency reports, however one should be cautious in believing a news piece

Hindi Samachar Feeds You With Updated Incidents Of World

By: nehakhatri | Nov 21, 2012 The reporters and correspondents compile the news of the whole world from the different section thereafter convert news into the comfortable language format and present to the readers and viewers.

How to Sell your Real Life Story

By: May Slovenia | Sep 28, 2012 For the majority of people approaching a national newspaper or magazine can be a daunting experience and something they only do once in a lifetime. It may be that they unexpectedly find themselves at the centre of a dramatic story with reporters camping outside their front door. And they don’t know which way to turn. Perhaps they want to expose a prejudice or gain press coverage in a newspaper,

Get breaking news with a single click of mouse

By: cutekavya | Jun 28, 2012 Due to the latest innovations in technology, media has emerged as a strong power in influencing masses all over the world. It is made sure that you are kept posted with all the details of the events and happenings over the world.

The progress Indian business news has made

By: cutekavya | Jun 6, 2012 Since the post-independence period, India's business and trade economy has grown and has flourished to a very large extent. The country's economic growth progressed especially under the guidance of Manmohan Singh, who was then the Finance Minister of India.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Has Set The Stage On Fire And Its Here To Stay And Rule!

By: Swampscott Shutters | Jun 1, 2012 After a huge of success of Samsung Galaxy S2 in the global markets, Samsung launched a Galaxy S3 with some mind boggling features at a reasonable rate.

Donald Driver Along With Peta Murgatroyd Honored With First Place In ‘Dancing With The Stars'

By: Peabody Shades | Jun 1, 2012 Let us start off on an introductory note. Won't it be best if we introduce those who put up their best in the Fourteenth Season of ‘Dancing with the Stars' and soared high in successfully pulling high one of the best performances in the history of the show?

International News updates a person

By: cutekavya | May 30, 2012 People from all around the world connect through websites. These websites can be dedicated to particular type of news like a few websites are dedicated to entertainment news.

Atrocities by Boko Haram on Nigerian Christians

By: pooja rajput | May 24, 2012 Attacks on Christians in Nigeria was the latest in a spate of attacks on churches and on Christian holidays in the north of the Nigeria. It is belived that Nigerian authorities and diplomats are part of it to evoke religious conflicts.

Valeria Lukyanova: The Struggling Barbie Doll

By: Penny Auctions | May 16, 2012 A girl with big glassy eyes, straight blonde hair, and perfect figure will always remind you of those Barbie dolls that used to fascinate girls in the
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