Five PR Tips to Never Forget

By: LisaHarris | May 10, 2012 Do you have a great idea for a story, but no clue how to get it in the news? Are you tired of pitching press releases the news media simply ignores? Learn five tips that will increase your public relations success.

Vibram Five Fingers leads a free-toes time

By: hollister | May 1, 2012 The appearance of vibram five fingers shoes are ugly and odd. It unlike Nike shoes so stylish and colorful, so that in the beginning, people accepted barefoot running, but can not accepted this odd shoe. Until now still some people put their vibram five fingers in box.It is a miracle in human history becuse of this strange shoes.

Media Studies Offering Different Career Choices

By: Marketing Pod | Apr 19, 2012 Journalism and mass communication is the perfect subject to pursue for those students who are like to creative and express their view. This subject is not purely deals with the journalism where it expected from a person to aware about the current affairs taking place around the world.

The Idiot Box in Your Home Is More Than Just a Box Today

By: ITVIndia News | Apr 4, 2012 Gone are the times when people had to wait for that half an hour daily news bulletin to get that the daily dose of latest information. India is today growing at a very high speed and globalization has curtailed the distance between countries and opened new avenues for knowledge sharing

The World News Headlines with the Hindi Newspapers

By: nehakhatri | Mar 29, 2012 Hindi speaking people can read the world news headlines in their favorite Hindi newspapers. Every kind of news is present within the pages of a newspaper from sports news, entertainment news, the news of the business world and also about society at large.

The Latest World News in the Popular Hindi Dailies

By: nehakhatri | Mar 29, 2012 If you are looking for the latest world news what is a better way to get it than perusing one or other of the popular Hindi dailies. There is every kind of news from around the world in these newspapers. So even if you do not have any other medium at your hand to know the events occurring in the world, the Hindi samachar can be just more than sufficient.

Hindi Newspaper and Their Extended Reach

By: nehakhatri | Mar 29, 2012 Hindi Newspaper is read by all and sundry in this vast country of ours. There is no way one can start the day but with a newspaper in the hands. It gives the person reading the news fodder for the day.

Connect with the National News with the Hindi Samachar

By: nehakhatri | Mar 27, 2012 Finding the latest national news in Hindi is not a difficulty at all, especially with the surfeit of Hindi dailies in the county. Since this is the national language of India, majority of the populace speak and understand this language.

India News in Hindi for Success in Competitive Exams

By: nehakhatri | Mar 27, 2012 The current affairs questions in any competitive examination can be successfully dealt with only when you are in touch with the latest samachar. Remaining abreast with the news as and when it happens and forming an opinion regarding the latest occurring is the thing which determines the result of the competitive exams.

Commercial Success of Press in India

By: Ranjeet | Mar 26, 2012 India is a developing nation with exponential growth in the field of education. However, despite of significant investment in education sector, stats reveal that around 25% of Indians are still illiterate.
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