Different Defenses a DUI/DWI Lawyer Can Use to Beat DUI/DWI Charges

By: Dan | Apr 29, 2014 While facing dui/DWI charges you don’t simply need to accept them when a variety of defenses are available to get you out clean. Using these defensive tactics, you or your attorney can get the charges reduced or dropped.

Employers 'pressuring staff to answer mobiles while driving'

By: Stacey Aston | Nov 14, 2013 Road safety rules must be strictly adhered to whatever the circumstances, personal injury solicitors have warned, after research showed many employers appear to be requiring staff to answer mobile phone calls when behind the wheel, potentially leading to road traffic accident claims or even accident at work compensation claims.

The Perks of Putting Up a Limited Liability Company

By: Jared Ingram | Sep 3, 2013 If one is considering of starting a business, a limited liability company should be one of the options. For those who are in doubt or unable to decide whether it is the right form of business, here are some of the advantages of an LLC that may help in one's decision-making process.

The Basics in Operating a Foreign LLC

By: Jared Ingram | Sep 3, 2013 Business owners or LLC owners who wish to operate their enterprises outside of their home state should consider setting up their LLC. There are a lot of foreign companies, specifically limited liability companies, which operate in this state due to the rising demand for different products and services here.

Naming an LLC

By: Jared Ingram | Sep 3, 2013 So you've done your research and are now convinced that the best structure for your business is a Limited Liability Company. And your business name? Of course, you've probably thought of a creative one too.

Arizona Public Records Database

By: Gian Maclure | Aug 31, 2013 The criminal records of the Arizona along with other public court records have information that is kept away from the public. This was done to prevent unwanted information sharing that may disrespect the privacy of individuals.

The Different Kinds Of Wrongful Death Cases

By: Jaedah Lewis | Aug 28, 2013 Wrongful death can cause stress and even lifelong anguish on families of the victims. In order to get over the deaths of their loved ones, the families should be granted fair and sizeable compensation and attorneys specializing on wrongful death claims will be able to help them.

Lawyer, there are lots of law firms to help you.

By: Steve mich | Aug 28, 2013 Need the help of a good and professional criminal solicitor who can help defend or stand for your case in positivity? There are lots of criminal solicitors available to select from as per your need and requirement.

Debunking Five Myths About Commercial Litigation

By: Mike Montazer | Aug 12, 2013 Every business is vulnerable to risks and therefore business owners find themselves embroiled in commercial litigation at some point of their life. However, many business folks shy away from approaching the courts because they have heard horror stories about lawyers, courts and business dispute management. However, many myths and urban legends surrounding business litigation are untrue.

Remedies for Using a Name for a Limited Liability Company

By: Jared Ingram | Jul 23, 2013 A name identifies a person from the other in the same way it distinguishes a company. Amidst the economic crisis, Tennessee opens its doors to accommodate the influx of LLC applicants who feel the need to maximize their talents and skills and become entrepreneurs.
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