Types of Bamboo sprouts

By: Teletabisi | Aug 30, 2011 Ever green perennials, bamboos fall under genuine grass type family . Rising generally in the majority of climatic diverse regions of this globe; chilly hills as well as very hot exotic territories.

Kinds of Landforms

By: Teletabisi | Aug 28, 2011 Landforms may be defined as any pure features seen on the surface area of the entire world. Landforms can be developed mainly because of varied factors associated with mother nature herself including wind flow, water along with ice and also movement of the earth tectonic plates in all parts of the world.

Diverse Types of Natural Resources

By: Keri | Jul 21, 2011 Organic resources are actually resources in the surroundings that weren't touched by the human race. By useful resource we consider virtually any natural matter, that have got restricted availability. These kind of natural resources appear in pure form.

Ten animals have shortest life cycle

By: Marc Marseille | May 18, 2010 Colorful animal world is so interesting for humankind to explore. It is the diversity of genres with different life spans which contributes to the ecosystem balance. It has been searched that the Galapagos tortoises can live during 177 years due to good adaptation to the environment; however, there are some life spans which are shortened by natural features. What animals have the shortest life exp

Haiti attacked by powerful earthquake

By: Phoenix Rose | Mar 11, 2010 A powerful earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale shook Haiti on Tuesday, causing several buildings to collapse in the poorest nation of the Western hemisphere

Top Amazing Natural Phenomena

By: Neil Karen | Mar 1, 2010 A natural phenomenon is a non-artificial event which is not produced by humans although it may impact human life. One more thing, some common examples of natural phenomena may consist of volcanic erup

Weird Natural Phenomena in our world

By: Emma Murphy | Feb 25, 2010 It is certain that the world of nature around us is very diverse. Therefore, it is impossible for us to clearly understand all natural phenomena in which some seems unreliable such as climbing goats,

Deadly earthquakes in the history

By: Phillips Crook | Jan 20, 2010 Earthquakes are one of nature's most unpredictable and frightening events. They are killers and the loss of life caused by these ground shaking events can be enormous. Earthquakes can result in fal

Thousands of Haitians killed and wounded by quake

By: Neil Karen | Jan 15, 2010 The 7.0-magnitude earthquake happened shortly before 5 p.m. Tuesday, centered about 10 miles (15 kilometers) southwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.   According to the Red Cross, about 3 million p

The World Struggles Against Natural Disasters

By: Neil Karen | Jan 12, 2010 In the recent days, changeable weather is the cause for changes in daily lives of people all over the world In Korea, China and American, snowstor
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