Patent application search – USPTO portal offers best results

By: smithjaggy | Jul 25, 2013 With the advancement in technology, these days the inventors can perform their own basic patent application search. There are two useful search portals such as the Google Patents as well as the USPTO Patent portal.

Patent attorneys may help inventors make sense of patent applications

By: Daniel Boudwin | May 24, 2013 Hiring any patent attorney that is familiar with the stack of paperwork associated with filing a patent application (or various patent applications for that matter) may save inventors from waiting longer than necessary for a design patent.

Inventor Notebook Can Be Your Best Weapon To Fight A Patent Case

By: smithjaggy | Mar 12, 2013 Inventors notebook is simply a notebook where the inventor that is the researcher, or the engineer or scientist keeps the daily records of his or her inventions or researches.

Some important guideline to follow before obtaining patent assistance worldwide

By: Andrew Smith | Aug 14, 2012 Patent assistance is basically designed to help people who are interested in creating new products and obtain patent in countries that require patent protection for new ideas and invention.

Some important steps for filing provisional application for patents

By: Andrew Smith | Jun 13, 2012 All the patents in the United States are issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office that allows inventors seeking a patent to write a description on the idea or technology for which they are filing a patent application.

Patent application: Vital for the Security of Your Invention

By: dyle sten | May 25, 2012 While you are reading this article, do take a minute of your time and think about the technique through which you are enabled to read and study anything through the online mode.

What to Consider when Hiring Patent Law Firm

By: Kim Pierson | May 24, 2012 If you have a new book, or a business name or a trademark and you want to have it protected against any infringement or any unauthorized publication, distribution and usage, you may want to hire a patent law firm to help you get exclusive rights over your book, products, company name, trademark or any intellectual property, especially that product infringement and unauthorized duplication is preva

Patent Filing and Registration in India

By: John Marry | May 18, 2012 Patent procedures in India are governed by the Patent Act 1970. As in many other countries, an art of manufacturing, process or a method of manufacturing, machines and apparatuses or items produced as a result of manufacturing can be patented in India.

Understanding patent and their types

By: John Marry | May 18, 2012 Every individual has a right to protect their intellectual ideas and property, and also it is important for everyone to understand and respect others rights as well. Therefore, in order to ensure that your idea or invention is not copied or manufactured by any other individual or organization, the government has manifested certain rights that can help you in protecting your intellectual property.

Understanding the duties and responsibilities of patent attorney and USPTO

By: John Marry | May 17, 2012 Inventions are needed to be protected in order to prevent them from getting copied or used by any other individual or firm to reap their own benefits. Patents are basically exclusive rights that an inventor is granted to protect their inventions from such fellows.
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