Some Important Facts about Patent Trademark

By: John Marry | May 14, 2012 The protection of the originality of the inventions, writings, computer programs, creations of art etc. is assured by the intellectual property rights. They also include the patent trademark. The patents are divided into three basic categories b the United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO.

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By: patentsearch | May 10, 2012 A provisional patent application is not a patent, patently not becomes a patent, together with the single uncommon exclusion popular under. It instantly comes to an end soon after year following the significant day of processing and cannot be improved.

All about Utility Application for Patents and More

By: John Marry | May 10, 2012 There are a lot of particulars and fine details that one must know about patents. For those dealing with applications and software, it is important to know the difference between a utility patent and a design patent.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

By: Kim Pierson | May 8, 2012 Some of the country's top trademark lawyers, as reported by Intellectual Property Today Magazine, are found in Los Angeles. The patent lawyers in Los Angeles help establish individuals and corporations a name for themselves by protecting their rights to intellectual property.

Getting the invention registered with the help of an Online Patent Attorney

By: Brian Keith | May 7, 2012 An Online Patent Attorney helps in protecting the inventions of those people who want to create a good market with the help of their inventions. The attorney guides through the legal process of Patent Registration.

Steps to Patent Your Idea

By: Jaggy Smith | Apr 27, 2012 The first step to a patent is to file registration forms about your item. This begins with basic information about who you are and what you do.

Take the Right path with Reliable Lawyer for Negligence Claims

By: Jessica Thomson | Apr 26, 2012 But question is what sort of compensation you are going to charge from the accused person. Leave it to the lawyer who will know best about the calculation so that he can suggest you what ought to be charged.

Are you stuck in the Patent Pending Queue?

By: dyle sten | Apr 14, 2012 We all deserve a chance to be someone better in our lives. For that we dedicate our time and energy to discover new products and get new things that would help mankind into the path of discovery.

Marketing product during Patent Pending

By: Jaggy Smith | Apr 12, 2012 A patent examiner is the person who decides the uniqueness of your product and the need for getting it patented. If your product is approved

Job Opportunities for Patent Attorneys

By: Connie Roberts | Apr 9, 2012 The United States government is considered to be the largest employer in America. The three branches of government employ people in almost all professions, from cooks to teachers to scientists to lawyers.
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