Anyaele Sam Chiyson`s Seven Laws of Distinctive Competence For a Leader Who Leads in the Wisdom Age

By: Anyaele Sam Chiyson | Jul 23, 2011 In the wisdom age, you must have the divine sagacity to know what to do with knowledge imparted and information acquired, by combining them with purpose and proven principles. You can empower yourself with specialized and specific knowledge that is full of discovery and flexibility that enable you get smarter, wiser and even wealthy. You must have distinctive competency that a king can use as a service for a king's ransom and raise kings who can lead in the wisdom age.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson`s Seven Exceptional Laws of Time For Wealth and Power

By: Anyaele Sam Chiyson | Jul 23, 2011 Time is like a coded system in a flowing river, you can decode it by coming by its drift and hang; men who know and apprehend the time rules this time of information, telecommunication and globalization.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson`s Seven Laws of Executive Intelligence For a Leader Who Leads in the Wisdom Age

By: Anyaele Sam Chiyson | Jul 23, 2011 In The Wisdom Age, leadership has gone beyond the depth of having ability to find solutions which are hard to describe and instinctive knowledge concerning what is really going on behind the scenes humanly speaking. A leader must have what it takes to combine the qualities above with define purpose and proven principles that are as old as leadership. A leader must have a form of intelligence - meaningful, acceptable, productive set of thoughtful inspiration, determination and ability.

UFOs: What A Load Of Rubbish!

By: John Prytz | Jul 15, 2011 If E.T. is and/or was here, then there would be alien fossils or artifacts left behind, even if it's just E.T.'s garbage. Unfortunately, there's no such undisputed fossil or artifact evidence. Not one bit of E.T.'s litter to be had and put under the microscope. Now is this a legitimate argument that rules out any visitations and somewhat lengthy stays by extraterrestrials to our humble abode, Planet Earth? If there is no UFO rubbish, is the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) rubbish?

Limitless power to disabled

By: Dr S Ranganathan | Jun 19, 2011 Having no sense organs is nothing but strength according to evolution. Bats have the adaptation of eco-location........

An Eccentric Lifestyle Popular in the Early 19th Century Has Left Us the Simple Graham Cracker and More!

By: Geoff Ficke | May 24, 2011 Modern nutritionists strongly endorse limiting the consumption of meat and refined, processed foods in the diet. Dark, multi-grain breads are promoted as key elements of a healthy diet. A vegetarian or vegan type of diet is increasingly popular. All of these ideas were key, if controversial planks in the philosophy that was central the Grahamist lifestyle. Today we accept them as factual truths, supported by science and research data.

The 'What If' Game

By: John Prytz | May 23, 2011 One of the better and more often used phrases in the English language is "what if". The "what if" is a staple in science fiction stories: "What if" the British had won the American Revolutionary War? "What if" that killer asteroid had missed the Earth 65 million years ago and the dinosaurs still was the top dog (as it were)? Or, "what if" antigravity existed? The possibilities are near endless.

Fun With Physics: Time: How Old Are You Really?

By: John Prytz | May 21, 2011 How old are you? Well that's obviously an easy question. You were born on such-an-such a date; today's date is such-an-such; therefore you are such-an-such old. Or are you really? While both the physical you – your body, and the ‘inner you' - your mind, have a time frame that dates from your conception, there's a few twists in the tale to be considered.

Hypnotist Swears That His Techniques Of Raw Hypnosis Are Legal

By: Jennifer Neuberg | May 12, 2011 This hypnotist swears, under oath no less, that his techniques of using what he calls "Raw Hypnosis" is legal and ethical under most circumstances. He says that despite the ability for it to be misused, he trusts everyone to not abuse the power he gives them.

How can You Be Yourself in a Workplace of Giant Egos

By: David Robert Ord | May 6, 2011 How can you be who you really are in a corporate, government, or nonprofit workplace when you are around giant egos that challenge you and seek to control you and get the better of you day in and day out? An interesting article was sent to me recently entitled "A bigger ego is the only way to truly create ‘A New Earth.'" The author of the article applauds Eckhart Tolle for his impact on the world, then goes on to claim that the real problem in our world isn't that we have an ego, but that our e
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